Meet the Sullivans: Our Weekend in Photos

February 3, 2014

Our Weekend in Photos

This weekend was like so many others in that is was busy and filled with fun! On Saturday I took Owen to our friend Nico's 2nd birthday party. Owen is always so thrilled to be at a party full of kids and adults. He is not shy when it comes to making friends and having a good time. He's even willing to start up conversations with adults, no joke. I love seeing him have such a great time and enjoy himself. He is just so happy when he's surrounded with people!

He played football...I mean stole it and ran away, or tackled the boy holding it -- that's football though, right? But he mostly just ran around with his friend Sienna.

These two just adore each other! It's a good thing Keith and I adore her parents just as much because I'm pretty sure we'll be in-laws someday!

Jackie and Blair (Nico's parents) threw a really cute and fun Train party for the birthday boy that included a fun little scavenger hunt for the kiddos. Such a great idea! It got them out of the house for some fresh air and to get their energy out for a bit. All the kids love looking for things like rocks, feathers, sticks, etc. Thank goodness the rain held out until Sunday!

Isn't Nico adorable? He's about to be a big brother soon too! Jackie made the cake for the party, a homemade funfetti cake with cream cheese frosting. Owen does this thing at parties where he pretends he is just dying to eat the cake, but then when we get a slice he acts like it's the grossest thing ever. More cake for me!

After the party Owen was poooooped! He fell asleep before we got three blocks from their house...with an empty water gun in his hand. We spent the rest of the day shopping and prepping for our Super Bowl party we had the next day. It's amazing how two parties can really take up the whole weekend!

Sunday morning we woke up to RAIN! Thank goodness, because we are in a serious drought here in California. I was really starting to feel it in my skin, especially my lips, that have been drier than ever. My favorite EOS lip balm does absolutely nothing in these circumstances, it's Carmex all the way for me.

Anyway it poured almost all day, which was fine since we spent the day prepping for the party (I'll share recipes later this week!) and then "watching" the Super Bowl. I actually watched very little of the game, which is fine since I'm not really into football, and didn't even see a commercial. But we did manage to kick the men out of the way to watch half time with Bruno Mars! He was amazing! So talented, full of energy and upbeat! 

Today we're laying low, checking off some appointments and grocery shopping. How was your weekend? Did you watch the Super Bowl?


Jess Norden said...

I love your bread bowl and cute!! We did watch the Superbowl, and it was my least favorite that I've ever seen. At least the halftime show was fun! :) Oh, and the food and drinks - I love any excuse to indulge! :)

Ashley Brickner said...

Love that he is a little talker!!! Too cute!

Jodi said...

Love all the food! Yum! I thought Bruno Mars was fantastic! You have a little social butterfly!

Kelli Gilbert said...

love this! so many cute treats!

Christina @ Still Lucky said...

We didn't watch the game, only half time, and it was amazing! I love Bruno Mars. Fun weekend with all your parties!

Elizabeth [Chasin' Mason] said...

Love the football strawberries and the bread bowl! So festive :)

Chasin' Mason @