Meet the Sullivans: Valentine's Day in Photos

February 18, 2014

Valentine's Day in Photos

Since Valentine's Day fell on Friday this year it was a pretty routine day for us. Keith headed out the door to work, per the usual, and Owen and I went to the gym. We had my mom and sister coming over around lunch time, and I still needed to pick up some things for lunch, so we stopped by a few stores to pick up what we needed.

On our last stop I picked up a few cookies from an Italian bakery nearby and Owen picked out his own little petifour. He saw them in the display case and asked really sweetly for one ("Mommy? Have that? Pleeease? Peeeease?!" nice enough for a toddler). He picked an all chocolate heart shaped one and shook the little box that held it on the 5 minute drive home. He ended up only taking a small bite, but he was so excited to have one all his own, so it was worth it.

Let me just pause from the Valentine's Day details to share a nice (but long winded) little story:

As Owen and I walked from the bakery to our car on Friday my wallet fell out of my pocket (or my bag, still not sure where I put it). I didn't notice it was missing until the next morning when I was leaving to meet friends for brunch. We searched everywhere, the car, the house, the trash, the refrigerator (I would not put it past myself to have put it in the fridge with the rest of the stuff in my shopping bag), but it was no where to be found. We went back to all the store I visited to ask about it, retraced my steps and finally just figured it was gone. I was so sad since I had gift cards to a few stores and one for a massage, my ID which is a pain to replace, credit cards, etc. all inside. Anyway I thought it was gone, and then Sunday afternoon I got a message from a woman on Facebook. Turns out a nice older lady found it in the parking lot, went to the address on my ID (where we no longer live), and then told her friend about it, who suggested they search for me on Facebook. I could not believe this nice woman went to all that trouble to find me and return my wallet. We were able to get in contact and I was able to pick up my wallet at her house. I brought some cookies from the Italian bakery for her, but really, I feel like I owe her more for being a kind, honest and generous person. Anyway, that was a true blessing this weekend.

My mom and sister came over and we all hung out and played with Owen and had lunch. We gave them a little token Valentine's Day gift of DIY elastic hair ties (more on that this week), nail polish in their favorite colors, a lollipop and a sweet homemade card made by Owen.

In the evening when Keith came home we had dinner (crab cakes I picked up, roast potatoes and zuchinni) and Owen opened his gift from us.

He wanted a sand mill (he calls it his sand MILK) since last summer! 

We gave him mini chocolate M&Ms (chocolate, gasp!), the Snuggle Puppy book, a sand mill for the park, chalk, crayons and washable markers (probably a HUGE mistake on my part)!

Later after Owen went to sleep we just collapsed on the couch like we usually do, but we also had a slice of the carrot cake I made for Keith. We love carrot cake, but pretty much no one else we know does (except for all those cool people on IG!), so it was a real treat, since I always try to make a crowd pleaser. We were thisclose to having a carrot cake wedding cake, but didn't because it would have been weird in August.

Saturday night we celebrated Valentine's Day with a quick little date night at San Mateo Prime. Can you believe we had not gone out to dinner just the two of us since Fall? And yes that is my huge steak. Total "cheat meal" right there. I really just use it as a way to eat horseradish, which I LOVE. We also had martinis and it was amazing.

If my calculations are correct, this was our NINTH Valentine's Day together! I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day with the people you love!


Chrissy@SimpleJoysBlog said...

Love the pictures. What a relief to get your wallet back! Those sorts of things drive me crazy when i can't find something.

Happily Ever Parker said...

So happy you found your wallet and before you cancelled all your cards! I think it's time to change your address on your license!

Jenny said...

Sounds like such a great day! I love the gifts you got Owen! :) Oh and markers are a huge hit here - my LO has been great with them - I hope he enjoys them!

E Hayes said...

Aww, great weekend -especially getting your wallet returned! whew, such a paint to replace all that stuff!

Jess Norden said...

What a sweet, sweet lady to find you!! I wish everyone was that nice!!!!

I am SO jealous of your Valentine's looks delicious!

Sara McCarty said...

How awesome that there are such great people out there that would go through so much trouble to find you. Amazing. I love a happy ending. :)

Elizabeth [Chasin' Mason] said...

I would so freak out if I lost my wallet! So so amazing that there was such an honest person who found it. And those hair ties... So cute! Excited for more on that DIY later :)