Meet the Sullivans: Hand, Foot and Mouth

March 20, 2014

Hand, Foot and Mouth

This week has been a real doozy.

Tuesday morning I thought we had all recovered from the fun of the weekend, but apparently I was wrong. Right after Keith left for work Owen and I began packing up for the gym, but Owen wasn't his usual happy self -- something was off. He usually wanders around downstairs with some cars or watches with garbage / recycling trucks do their pick up, but he just wanted to be held. And nothing I did was right, he was very irritable.

I tried bringing him out to the car to get going thinking it would distract him from whatever was bothering him, but he just cried and cried. I could tell he really wasn't feeling well. Turns out he had a high temp. I called the nurse and she wasn't concerned since she said 102 wasn't even a temperature.  But to Owen, who has never had a fever before, it was a high temp, he is used to feeling pretty good.

We spent the rest of the day on the couch hanging out, sleeping in small increments and watching movies. He needed to have physical contact with me at all times-- either being held, sitting in my lap, or sleeping on my arm. I hate seeing him sick, but I have to admit that I enjoyed the extra cuddles from my (usually) busy boy. He wouldn't take in much fluids or eat more than a bite or two of a cracker -- but I kept trying and trying. Poor boy felt so sick. He barely spoke, and when he did it was usually to say "Mommy" or ask to play cars. We tried playing a few times on the floor when he'd request it, but he'd just fall asleep in my lap on the floor.

After Keith came home in the evening Owen mood improved a bit, but his fever rose to 104.6, so we called the nurse again (this time it was a nurse from the night answering service). This time she gave us more instructions for how to help him be more comfortable. He was refusing medicine, which is so frustrating, because he usually wants to have it when he doesn't need it, and taking it would have made him feel soooo much better. We mentioned that he had a few sores or spots on his face around his mouth. The nurse suggested giving him the suppository form of acetaminophen, but we thought that would upset him way more than it would help him. 

Owen went down around 8:30pm and I went to bed too. He was up again at 9:44pm, so poor Keith was relegated to the couch, and I brought Owen into our bed for a looong night of barely sleeping. He was really toasty, so it was hard for him to get comfortable. He finally found his spot snuggled up in the crook of my arm, nuzzled up with his face planted on my skin. He loves his mama's armies, they're his lovie. He tossed and turned at what felt like 30 minute increments, and requested more "cold milk baba" or water, which he would only drink a sip of. We were up for the morning at 4am. 

The next morning (Wednesday) he seemed to be feeling a little bit better, but still not himself. He hated the car ride to the doctor and kept asking for me to hold him the whole way there. After checking him out the doctor concluded that it is Hand, Foot and Mouth disease. He suggested Children's Motrin to help with the fever, sore throat and any pain. This explained the spots on his face (only on his face and inside his throat, and not on his hands or feet) and the sore throat explained why he didn't really want to eat or drink much. When we got home Owen's fever seemed to be going down and he was eating some lunch, so I thought things were all better, but things actually just got a bit worse for a while. 

I won't get into too many of the details, but he ended up being very constipated in the afternoon, due to the lack of fluids he took in on Tuesday. I could tell he was experiencing a lot of pain and gave him a while to figure it out, thinking maybe he just need time and privacy like usual. I waited about 40 minutes and then called the nurse again. I'm a regular on the nurse's advice line now. She gave me instructions for how I could help him. The warm bath ended up working well. Our poor boy has had an exhausting few days. He took a good nap, spent the evening snacking and drinking (LOTS! thank good ness) and slept like a champ last night. He really needed the rest. 

I think HOPE we're in the clear now, but I guess you really never know. The virus is contagious, so we'll be staying home where we won't infect any friends. Thank goodness for the gorgeous spring weather we're having, so at least we can play in the backyard!

So that's where we've been! I hope Owen gets all better soon and I can get back to having fun with him and documenting some of it. 

Happy first day of Spring!


the girl in the red shoes said...

Oh no! Poor guy! Hudson had this a few months ago and it wasn't fun...but he was better in a few days. I hope Owen feels better soon!

Colleen Sullivan said...

Thanks Julie!

Amy said...

Awe, poor Owen. Its so sad when they are sick. I hope he feels better soon.

Amy said...

Poor little guy! That's awful! My little guy has hardly ever had a fever, too. To me, 102 is definitely a fever.

hello erin said...

boo for hand, foot & mouth! we've had a few friends who've had it and its zero fun. i hope he starts feeling back to his usual self ASAP!

Sarah @ The Not Quite Military Wife said...

Aw poor thing. Sounds awful! Hope he gets to feeling better!

Stephanie said...

Awwww...hope he feels better!

Andrea said...

Oh poor boy! Poor mama. Hope Owen is on the mend. It's so hard when little guys are sick.

Elizabeth [Chasin' Mason] said...

Oh no! Poor Owen! And poor mama! Poor Owen looks so cute and so sad all cuddled up sleeping. Thank goodness they could figure out what was wrong with him s fast and help him get better! Hoping your weekend is better than your week!

Megan said...

So glad to hear O-man is feeling better, poor thing! I agree, the acetaminophen suppository sounds like no fun! ;)

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Jenny said...

So sorry he's sick... hope he gets better quick!