Meet the Sullivans: Menu Monday & a Brain Dump

March 24, 2014

Menu Monday & a Brain Dump

The first weekend of Spring is behind us, and the weather was beautiful! We tried our best to get Owen out of the house whenever possible, since we've all been on lock down with his HF&M (hand, foot and mouth virus) and I think we all felt better getting out. We made sure to go to open air places where there wouldn't be other kids around (i.e. cross country running trails and the track at the community college near us), because according to the ever knowledgeable Internets, he is still contagious. Nothing beats the playground, but Owen still had fun and got his energy out. I even made it out for a trip to Target and TJs! And now, I've got some great meals planned for this week!
Cobb Salad

And now some thoughts, in no particular order...

//Since Owen became sick last week he hasn't been easy to put to sleep at bedtime. Even after most of the symptoms were gone he would scream and cry like he is terrified.  Nothing but the possibility of not sleeping would help him relax. I really think that (besides the obvious yucky feelings of being sick) he's also experiencing some anxiety. He's never been sick before and I can't help but wonder if he's worried he'll be like that forever. He doesn't know he'll be better in days, he just knows what's happening right now. On Friday night we got him down for bed by laying (all three of us!) on his bedroom floor with blankets and the turtle star lights on.

//On that note, it got me thinking that transitioning to a toddler bed might be a good move in helping our situation. Most of the time I hear that it wrecks havoc on a child's good sleep habits, but since Owen is far from having those I think there is no where to go but up! So, this weekend we ordered a rail to convert his crib to a toddler bed and some sheets, pillows and a comforter. I'll share more about how it's all working out once we put it all to use.

//We watched Frozen last week for the first time and I thought it was just as cute as everyone says it is. I love show tunes, so you know the soundtrack has definitely worked its way into being stuck in my head. I don't think I could pick a favorite, but I love "Love is an Open Door", "Let it Go" and "In Summer" because that snowman is just so darn cute!

//Speaking of watching television, we have watched TOO much of it in the last week while Owen was sick. Planning on a major TV detox for the littlest Sullivan.

//I've been doing well with my Lenten promise to not do any shopping for myself until after Easter. No doubt, it has been hard and although I know I shouldn't, I've been making a mental note of the things I think I need to buy once Easter is here... some Springtime clothes, get a pedicure and a new book.

//I have a great giveaway coming to you tomorrow, so be sure to check back!

//I cleaned out my shoes this weekend. I had been just throwing them into the closet haphazardly and they had become quite a mess. It had gotten to the point where I couldn't find matching shoes, so I was just wearing the same two pairs I could find, over and over again. I even re-discovered a few I forgot I had. Glad to have that situation under control, and now I can take a few pairs in to be repaired. It's almost like having new ones!

//The current season of The Walking Dead is coming to a close and I wish it weren't so! What do you think of this Terminus place? Will we ever see Beth again? Is it really "happily ever after" for Glenn and Maggie?

That's all for now!


Jenny said...

Good luck on the toddler bed transition! I thought for sure we'd have made the switch by now but Callie stopped showing interest in climbing so in the crib she stays :) Frozen is so cute! I might have the soundtrack on my iphone... and that cashew chicken recipe looks yummy... I might have to break out the crock pot from storage and give it a try!

Carolyn said...

BAH! Those recipes look so yummy! Good luck on transitioning to the toddler bed! Crazy how fast it goes!!

E Hayes said...

cant wait to hear how the bed goes!

KatiePerk said...

I am dreading transitioning. EEk! Your meals look delicious!

Jodi said...

Glad your little guy is starting to feel better.

Elizabeth [Chasin' Mason] said...

First of all, that farmers market skillet is delicious! Let me know how you like it I think you will love it! And second of all, TOTALLY understand the laying on the floor trying to get your kid to sleep. Happened to me this weekend too when someone woke up inconsolably crying at 5am and mommy decided it was too early to be up for the day so I got my pillow and blanket and slept in the floor right there next to him saying "its ok, mommy is sleeping with you" and rubbing his back through the slats in the crib. Miraculously he slept until 8am after that! (after being up for an hour from 5-6am though lol). Here's hoping the toddler bed goes well!

Jess Norden said...

I hate to hear that he's having so much trouble, but I do agree with the toddler bed transition...I've been planning on switching Cam to his toddler bed when we move so that we do all of the changes at once. I hope it works well for you!! TV AND paci detox are in our future since that's all Cam wanted this past weekend while we traveled! It's crazy how glued they get to the tube!! Haha!!

I, too, am making a mental list of the things I "need" when Lent is over. I think that defeats the purpose, but I have been pretty good about not buying!!

Have a good week!!!

Megan said...

The slow cooker chicken tacos look amazing! Let me know how they are! :)

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Unknown said...

My daugther is 20 months and we are currently having the same problem at night! We have to lay on her floor until she falls asleep and then quietly creep out! Maybe a toddler bed is a good solution...hadnt thought of that! Thank you!