Meet the Sullivans: FIVE on FRIDAY

April 11, 2014


I'm linking up with the sweet ladies behind The Good Life, Carolina Charm, A. Liz Adventures, and Hello Happiness for 5 on Friday and today's FIVE is mostly about Owen!

- ONE -
Owen had his first soccer class this week and he had so. much. fun!! I can already see this is going to be a great experience for him and that he'll be learning a lot about listening, sharing and following directions.

We played a few games that required some color recognition, which made me realize I really need practice colors with Owen. We've been doing a little practicing here and there, but the games will be a lot more fun for him if he has the colors down pat. 

- TWO -
So later in the day, after nap time, we practiced sorting his cars by color. I placed colored construction paper on the floor and then one-by-one I handed him a car. I'd ask him what color it was, and most of the time he got it right. If he got it wrong I corrected him. I'm starting to think it's not really that he doesn't know the colors, but that he's often too busy to think about it.

He really liked this activity and it lasted us about a half hour. I, of course, had to redirect him back to the sorting a few time because he wanted to stop and just play cars. He loves his cars, but next time I think I might try the same game with legos or even m&ms if we're feeling festive.

Yesterday we went to see The Easter Bunny (TEB)! He was so excited to be there and loved getting to sit on TEB's lap. Another successful holiday photo for the memory books! 

And, who doesn't love a good side to side comparison? When I look at the three of these pictures all I can think is that I officially no longer have a baby boy. That boy in the last picture is a "kid". So sad. Going to cry in a corner now.

- FOUR -
My current planner is going to run out in August, so I have begun the debate of which planner to go with next. I've been faithful and hooked on the Erin Condren Life Planners for the last few years, and they've been working well for me, but I'm wondering if I should give something else a try. 

I like to use a paper planner. I want something with weekly and monthly layouts, and I would really like some space for being able to make some lists / log excersise / meal plan etc. 

I'm currently comparing the Day Designer, a Plum Paper Designs planner or another Erin Condren. Do you have a favorite planner? I'd love to hear about what you use!

- FIVE -
We tried a few new recipes this week and the tomato basil artichoke chicken and baked salmon with garlic and dijon were so great that I'm adding them to next week's menu too! If you've been looking for some new, simple, healthy and "clean" recipes I definitely suggest you try them! 

Happy Friday! 


sara {rhapsody and chaos} said...

That color sorting game is a great idea :) And I'm on my third plum paper designs planner and I loooove it. Though I do like the posh look of the Day Designer cover...

E Hayes said...

OMG look at him!! Such a cutie, and I can totally picture him in like 10 years being the star of the team! So funny, colors are A's favorite, she literally states the color of everything, everywhere. And shapes, but we need work on letters big time. Funny how that happens. The one color she still mixes up is calling white, brown. She calls brown brown, but white also brown. So funny.

Laureen said...

Such a cute little boy!! Color practice has been on my mind lately for our little guy, great matching game idea. Thanks!! :) I'm gonna need to try that salmon recipe, looks delicious!!

Chrissy@SimpleJoysBlog said...

OMG! Those pictures with the Easter bunny are darling!!!! He is so cute! He has grown so much!!!

M Butler said...

Stopping over from the link up. What a creative idea to teach you little guy colors. My 2-year-old boy is the same way, much to busy to focus on the details. But repetition is key. Also, as far as planners, have you heard of Emily Lee? She has amazing designs for all sorts of stationary and planners. Definitely check those out. :) // Mary @ A Mama Collective

Carolyn said...

I love that idea for color sorting! Genius!!! we're taking Weston to meet the Easter bunny soon - I can't wait! Hahaha!

Elizabeth [Chasin' Mason] said...

I love Owen on the soccer field! He looks like he's having so much fun! We thought about putting Mason in soccer (its like mommy or daddy and me soccer) but I thought maybe he was too little to pay attention. I know Owen is like 6 months older than Mason, but what do you think? How did he do?

hello erin said...

ok. SO much to say first of all- soccer!! yay!! i'm so glad he loved it!! and that color game is seriously so cute. so is the side by side EB comparisons! i mean look at the first one compared to this years!!!

i have a day designer. and i LOVE it. i switched from my EC planner this year, and i seriously love the day designer. it took me a few weeks to hit my stride and get used to the fact that it lists times through the day. . . and has room for to-do lists IN the daily set up. i hands down recommend it!

Laura Marie Keenan said...

How fun that Owen is in soccer! I can't wait 'til Liam is a bit older and we can get him started in sports!
That color sorting game is genius! L could use a little work on his. Yellow & red are frequently mixed up and it drives me crazy!
I have an Erin Condren and love it, but Emily Ley is definitely the new "trendy" planner. Let us know what you pick!