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April 30, 2014

Life Lately

Days go by so quickly these days that sometimes it's even hard to remember how we've been spending them. I often depend on my iPhone, Instagram and Life Planner to remind me what we've been up to lately. I'm pretty sure that in 10 years I won't be able to remember what I had for breakfast!

Last Friday I had the pleasure of being invited to tour the new Day One Baby store on Sacramento Street in San Francisco. We all had a wonderful time seeing the space, hearing about all the classes and services they have to offer and how they support families with young children. The center is a great resource for nursing mothers too! They have a space in the back of the store where moms can comfortable nurse and weigh their babies and you can make an appointment with a lactation consultant too if you're having issues. 

Annnnnd I snuck in a selfie of myself, because well, I actually washed / dried / styled my hair, put on make up and wore clothes without elastic that day.

On Saturday we hung around home in the morning and then went to the mall with my mom and sister in the late morning. Owen's been taking a few naps a week while we're out and about. He'll just get tired and fall asleep while I'm holding him or pushing him in the stroller. I really wish putting him down to bed at night were that easy! 

Saturday evening we celebrate our niece and nephews birthday with cake and ice cream at their home. Owen loves his cousins SO so SO much! He has the best time whenever we're with them and he spends the next few days asking for his cousins, who he sometimes calls his "friends".

Sunday morning we hung around home in the morning, baked muffins, did some car buying research and meal planned. I borrowed the Weelicious cookbook last week after Erin mentioned trying some of the recipes. Erin always has the best ideas, so I have high hopes for these recipes! We've got the Chicken Parm Wheels on the menu this week.

On Sunday our mission for the day was to find a new car. We have an SUV already, which we use whenever we're together, but we needed something for Keith to take to work. We looked at a few dealerships before taking a lunch break. We ended up at one of my favorite salad places, Pluto's. There isn't one too close to where we live, so it's been a looong time since we've been. I love that they make your salad with exactly what you want and then toss it for you. I could have lunch there everyday!

Owen fell asleep in the car on the way back to the dealership, so I ended up spending them next hour and a half in the car with him while Keith finished things up with the car dealer. My phone was near dead, but luckily I had some magazines stashed in the car. I ended up flipping through Bay Area Parent's Family Navigator. If you're local, pick up a copy! You can find them near the door at most grocery stores. I got so many great ideas for our little family to do together!

And have you tried Nu Go bars? We've been buying the Clif Kid ZBars at Costco for Owen for a while, and of course we end up grabbing them for ourselves too when we're in a rush. This time we decided to try the Nu Go bars and I don't think we'll ever go back! The Chocolate Peanut Butter is everyone's favorite flavor.

And PS I just saw that Green Toys are on Zulily this morning! You can't get them at such a great deal anywhere else!


hello erin said...

I got tired just reading this! You guys have been busy! And I really really do love weelicious! The Taquitos and pesto meatballs are probably the favorites round these parts.

E Hayes said...

What a cool store and I have weelicious, I should prob dig it out since Ive been in a major meal slump and A has been on a picky streak this week!

Ashley Brickner said...

I need to try that cookbook!! So exciting to be car searching!!!!! :)

Jessica said...

The Day One Baby store looks amazing. Wish we had something like that here! And good Lord, I love me some Zulily. It's dangerous. I find something on there almost every day!!!