Meet the Sullivans: Mother's Day Wish List

May 6, 2014

Mother's Day Wish List

First things first!! I'm guest posting today on my friend Jen's blog, Down with the Dearmore's, about some great tips and ideas for throwing a Mother's Day brunch! Head on over and check it out! The photos are sure to make you drool!


The number one thing I want for mother's day is to spend it with the two guys who have made me a mommy. We had such a fun mother's day last year that I'm kind of hoping we can make it a tradition and re-do it all again this year! While spending the day with my guys is the absolute best gift for me on mother's day, there are a few cute things that I would mind being "surprised" with too! Here are some hint's!

1. Giada's Feel Good Food - I've heard so many great things about the recipes in this book! It would complete my collection (for now!) of Giada cookbooks. Really, it's for everyone, right? Since the recipes I would be cooking would be for us all?

2. Uninterrupted Sleep - This is an invaluable commodity and would be SO amazing. I haven't had any since i had the flu last year and I don't think that counts.

3. Pineapple Ice Trays - How fun are these? I can think of a million fun ways to use them!

4. Cute Lounge Pants - I think most of mine have holes in them! I love the cuff and cute fresh print!

5. Kendra Scott Pendant Necklace - I think this necklace is on a lot of momma's wish lists this year and you can totally see why! Would be so cute with a plain tee and shorts.

6. Beach Bag - We've been spending lots of time at the pool lately, and as the weather continues to become more and more gorgeous I just know we'll be spending days at the beach too. I love this bag from Target!

7. Copco Lime Tumbler- I love these tumblers! My other ones are two years old and are definitely showing their age. Perfect for smoothies, infused water and iced coffees!

What are you giving your mom this year? Are you hoping for anything special?


Jen said...

Thank you again for guest posting today!!! LOVED everything about your post....I think my mouth is still watering! :-) Those pineapple, love, love! Happy early Mother's Day to you, dear!!!

Brittney said...

Those pineapple ice cubes look so fun! Perfect for a summer beverage on the patio!

Jessica said...

Those lounge pants are too cute! I haven't made a wish list, but if I had, those would be going on it:)

hello erin said...

i'll take one of each. . . kthanksbai.

Anonymous said...

ummm those pineapple trays are THE cutest!!!

Jess at Just Rainbows and Butterflies said...

Okay, my lounge pants totally have holes in them too! I just broke down and ordered a cute pair from Forever 21. Who knew they had cute PJs and they all are like $12!

Ashley Brickner said...

Haha I'm with ya, the only uninterrupted sleep I've had is when I was sick!!! I really don't think that counts! Love your picks!

Jodi said...

I want that Giada cookbook too. I think I'm going to have to just splurge!

Sara {Rhapsody and Chaos} said...

UNINTERRUPTED SLEEEEEEEP. God, that sounds good. And yay for tumblers :) I'm starting a new healthy eating style tomorrow and have planned for many a smoothie in the near future. I think I need to stock up on a few more tumblers of my own.

Laura Marie Keenan said...

I'll take one of everything! Especially the uninterrupted sleep & the lounge pants. A SAHM can never have too many sweat pants! Hope your boys spoil you like crazy this weekend!