Meet the Sullivans: Day in the Life - Spring 2014

June 4, 2014

Day in the Life - Spring 2014

They say toddlers and babies thrive on a routine the love the predictability and security in knowing what's coming next. While I don't keep us on a strict schedule, we do have habits (like the gym, the playground), needs (like groceries and time outdoors) and commitments (like play dates and classes) that keep us on a pretty consistent schedule these days.

It's been almost 5 months since my last Day in the Life post which was in the Winter. I think it would be fun to be able to do one each season, as our routine is always changing, as is Owen! I tried to make this one

So, this is Tuesday, May 27th 2014. I'm 32, Keith is 34 (almost 35) and Owen is 2 years and 4 months old.

5:50am I wake up and look at the clock as Keith gets out of the bed to get ready for the gym. I lay back down and try to go back to sleep because Owen was up in the night and I am tired.

6:30am Owen is up and I hear him on the monitor. I head down stairs to get Owen's milk, my coffee and computer -- there is a HUGE spider in the sink. It is the biggest one I have ever seen inside our home. I take a picture of it and send it to Keith so he can see how brave I was when I washed it down the sink.

I put the coffee, milk and computer in our room, turn on an episode of Cailou. I go into Owen's room and he's flopping around in his crib. He's happy to see me and says "Mommy, change me!" which I do of course.

6:40am After a few kisses and opening his curtains and shutters we head into my room to have milk and coffee. We watch one episode of Cailou (I browse at some blogs, and check email) and then I turn off the tv.

7:10am We spend a few minutes looking at the picture of the spider. Owen thinks it's "yucky" and seems glad I washed it down the drain.

7:15am We get out of bed. We go into Owen's room so I can get him dressed and grab his clothes for swimming. While we're in there I fold some laundry while Owen plays around with everything BUT his toys, and I clean up his room a bit. I lay out all the things we'll need for the gym this morning, which ends up being a LOT, and throw on my clothes.

I try my hardest to bring as little as possible to the gym (I have to carry it all in and out again, after all), while also being prepared with snacks / sunscreen / etc. It had become a science!

7:30am We head downstairs and I ask Owen what he wants for breakfast. He usually just ignores me, because he is never really interested in breakfast, but today we decided on a smoothie. I hold him as "we" grab everything we need for our smoothie. He sits in the corner of the counter while I get everything ready. Owen helps me add everything. He insists on getting to throw each and every item into the blender. He also insists on flipping the switch on the blender. I don't fight him because it's keeping him happy and it really is a harmless request when done with supervision.

We have a banana, cucumber, spinach, pineapple, mango smoothie with Whole Nectar Protein Smoothie mix.

7:45am Owen finishes his smoothie and decides he wants to color at the kitchen table. I'm all for it, as I still need to wash my face, brush my teeth and hair before we leave for the gym. I set him up and he colors. I do my thing and pack up his back pack for the gym (diapers, wipes, water and a cup of milk just in case) and my gym bag / the diaper bag. I also empty the dishwasher and put on my shoes.

8:00am Owen is done coloring and wants to go outside. We don't need to leave for the gym for 45 minutes, and we need to kill some time, so I obliged. We put his shoes and sweatshirt on and go in the front yard. 

We wander to the driveway and Owen sees the morning paper there and wants to give it to daddy, who is already gone for the day. Keith is the only one who really reads the paper. I will sometimes read it on the weekend, but not during the week. Owen decides he wants me to read him the paper, which is probably because Keith reads it and Owen wants to be justlikehisdaddy. So we sit on the front step and I try to read him the sports page, but he loses interest quickly. 

8:20am I decide we're just going to head to the gym early and play on the playground there for a little bit since we have so much time. I grab our bags, lock the door and we get in the car. There is always traffic this early when we leave for the gym. I'm glad Owen is in a good mood. On the way there I remind him his little buddy Ben will be in the childcare since his mom and I both take the same class on Tuesdays. Owen gets really excited and tells me to "GO!" through the red lights. 

8:45am Yes, it takes us 25 minutes to get from our driveway and into the gym today. Oh the things I put us through so I can workout. Luckily neither of us mind much. We both love our gym! Owen must hand my card to the check-in person when we go. It's his job. He also requests to wear his backpack today. He looks pretty darn cute! He says Hello! to a few people on our way in... his swim teacher, one of the childcare ladies and another childcare lady who is in the process of taking a TRX class. It's pretty cute and cracks me up. I'm so glad he likes it there and feels so comfortable with all of the people who are involved with us there. 

8:50am We drop my bag off in the locker room and go outside to play on the playground for a bit. I love that our gym has a full, gated playground outside near the pool. We could, and do, spend all day there at the gym. He rides the seahorse, goes down the slide and climbs the rock climbing wall before we have to head to my class. 

9:05am We go into the group fitness studio to secure my spot in the Athletic Conditioning class I take every Tuesday. Owen helps set my mat down with a towel on top and tries to help with the weights, but I'm worried he'll drop one on his foot. 

9:08am We go back down the hallway where I drop him off in the childcare. We see his buddy on the way, so drop off is super easy today. He barely notices when I kiss him goodbye. He loves it there and I love that he feels so well cared for and comfortable with everyone there. He calls it his "big boy school". 

9:15am Athletic Condition kicks my butt and I love it. I like to workout on my own most of the time, but at least once a week I like to take a class, and it's usually this one. There is noting like having someone else push you harder than you would yourself and having other people to keep up with in the class. It's a hard workout and I hate / love it all at the same time. We do burpies, combination pushups --> planks --> side planks, tons of walking lunges and partner rows, among many other things.

10:15am Torture is over and I go to the childcare to pick up Owen. We go to the family locker room to change into our swimsuits for Owen's second to last swim lesson for this session.

10:30am We get into the pool a little early, since swim class doesn't officially start until 10:40, and practice swimming under the water from the stairs to mommy and then back again. Owen pretty much fights me through his entire swim class, because he wants me to let him go so he can swim on his own. I try to explain to him that he will drown if I let him go, which does not sink in. Swim class is rough today. 

11:10am Swim class is done for the day -- thank goodness. We grab our towels and rush into the family locker room to shower. I get us all showered, dried and dressed. After having twice weekly swim classes for the last month I have got this system down!

11:45am We're in the car and driving home. Owen usually falls asleep on the way home after swimming, but today he has all sorts of energy, which really surprises me. 

12:00pm We get in the house and I start our lunches while Owen plays around with Rocky's leash pretending it's his lasso. 

12:15pm Owen has leftover grilled chicken, a cheddar cheese stick, strawberries and cashews. I had tuna with light mayo and spinach in a sandwich thin pocket and fruit salad. 

12:35pm We're both done and I clean up the dishes. We read books and hang around for about 10 minutes before I bring him upstairs for his nap. I rock him in the glider while he drinks his milk from a sippy cup. He falls asleep really quickly, but I still spend about 10 minutes sitting with him in the chair while I browse Instgram. 

1:00pm I lay Owen down in his crib and tiptoe out of the room. I bring my computer, water and the monitor up to our room where I do a little blogging from the comforts of our bed. I see that another mom in our playgroup wants to meet up at a little kid's museum / science place after naps. I let her know we want to met them there around 3:30, and then I close my computer. I've been spending nap time watch old episodes of Mad Men lately instead of blogging. I watch half before I decide to close my eyes for a bit. 

2:30pm Owen is up from his nap! I fix him a quick snack and we watch an episode of Caillou per O's request.

3:10pm We start getting ourselves together to go to the museum. I pack my bag with snacks and waters for us both, put our shoes on, and we're out the door. 

3:30pm We play all around the place. Owen loves seeing the fog machine that explains how fog rolls over mountains, checking out the indoor bee hive, watching the river otters and staring at the snakes.We see our friends for a bit here and there, and we get to do a little catching up in between chasing our kids who always go in opposite directions. We actually get to reconvene outside near a big fish tank before leaving. I'm so thankful for these friends who we can meet up with at the drop of a hat like that.

4:50pm We decide to head home to get dinner going before Keith comes home.

5:15pm We're in the door and Owen wants to "help" with dinner. I sit him in the corner spot and hand him some tongs as I chop the onions. He tires of the onion smell pretty quickly and decides instead to go dump his cars all over the floor. He enjoys that so much he actually does it a few times a day. While dinner simmers (Taco Bowls) I take pictures of the bottle and a glass of Sauza Sparkling Margarita Watermelon for the review I agreed to write for them -- it's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it. Owen is playing at my feet with the salad spinner. He loves putting various toys in it and watching them spin around and around. Greatest kitchen distraction ever.

notice the toy garbage truck in his hand!
6:00pm Dinner is done and ready. Keith is home. Perfect timing! He brings Owen outside to help him bring the trash in -- it was garbage day! And when they come in we have dinner. 

6:30pm Dinner is done and I clean up while Keith plays around with Owen and gets the bath ready. 

7:00pm Owen is in the bath. I take this opportunity to pain my nails. Sounds like an inconvenient time to do this, but it works out just fine because Keith is there manning the crazy boy in the bathwater.

7:25pm Bath time is over. We get Owen dried off, dressed in his jammies and we read books for about 20 minutes. Lately it's been Go, Dog, Go! or Dinosaur Dig.

8:00pm Lights out for Owen, which means mommy is rocking him in the glider until he falls asleep. On this night be only takes 30 minutes to fall asleep, which is much better than the 40 minute minimum we've been used to lately. 

8:30pm I'm tired after sitting in the dark for 30 minutes and listening to the white noise, so tonight I kiss Keith good night early and head up to be. I watch the Real Housewives of Orange County (these women are ridiculous, but I love watching) and decide to go to bed. 

9:15pm Lights out (early!) for me!


Leah @ Everyday Love said...

You get more accomplished before 10 am than I do in an entire day! Looks like so much fun. Love all the healthy meals, I need to start eating better! Avery also insists on helping with her after snack smoothie, except she tries to eat everything I put into the bullet!

Tawnya Faust said...

oh man I keep meaning to do one of these posts! I love reading others! You get so much accomplished in the mornings... I definitely need to get more organized! Ha ha!! :)

Sara {Rhapsody and Chaos} said...

YOU ARE BRAVE! That spider looks ridiculous, if it's the one on the computer screen. Sounds, otherwise, like a great (and busy!) day with your little one :) Love the idea of letting him play with the salad spinner.

Chrissy@SimpleJoysBlog said...

Loved reading about your day. Sounds busy but fun!

Unknown said...

phew, I'' exhausted just reading all that!! Busy busy days. My little man is only 11 months old and I know I have a lot in store for me as he keeps getting older and wants to be on the move all the time!! I love these day in the life posts! They are fun to look back on too. I need to do another one soon too!

E Hayes said...

I need to post another DiTL soon too! Is your gym a Y? Seems just like ours :) I hope A starts liking childwatch better bc I'd really like tot start classes, love the routine of the one you are taking!

hello erin said...

you kids have some busy days! i love it!! and your gym looks pretty damn awesome. i mean really a PLAYGROUND. i die.

Anonymous said...

I love day in the life posts. Ever since I had my second baby in April, I'm lucky if I can stay awake until 9pm!

Laureen said...

Love these posts, especially seeing days/schedules of SAHM. Sounds like a great (busy) day. I'm actually trying to track my day today to do a post like this soon too!! :)

Unknown said...

You have super busy days. I never get that much done in one day!!

Courtney said...

Bed at 915! Wow! We're night owls. We're usually in bed sometime after 11. Of course, Abigail doesn't wake up until the 7 o'clock hour. But still!

Jess at Just Rainbows and Butterflies said...

I love these day in the life posts. I really need to do one myself because I want to look back on this time.

Kelli Herrington said...

I love this a day in the life, I think I might have to try this and do it every 6 months I know it will be so much fun to look back on,
Yal had a fun and busy day and Im a housewife lover also

JMO said...

What a day! I couldn't stop reading! You go mama! xoxo (wayt o go on the spider- ugh!)

Sara McCarty said...

Finally catching up on some blog reading and love this post. Maybe I'm just nosey, but I love hearing about other's people's days/schedules. Your day with Owen sounds so lovely. What a sweetie he is. Makes me jealous that I have to work all day. :)

Elizabeth [Chasin' Mason] said...

Love DITL posts! And I love to see how SAHM's spend their day. I feel like I wouldn't know the first thing to do. I'm loving your lunch! Looks so good. Where did you get those sandwich pocket things? Oh and AMAZING job on the spider. I washed one down the drain in the shower the other morning and thought about how bad of a boy mom I am because I was terrified! Haha!

Jenny said...

I don't know why but I just love DITL posts! I love seeing what other people's days look like, how they manage things, etc. Your day looks very similar to what ours were in Colorado. Yay for a playground at the gym - that's so awesome! A workout and swim class - I would be so exhuasted!! Swim class was alway a lot of work for us (worth it but hard work). I don't know how you have the energy to get so much done with such a short nap but kudos to you for making it work! :)

Karli at Girls Traveling said...

awww! these day in the life of posts are so fun to read! how do you hear about the prompts? if you ever want to change it up, a friend of mine and i brought back the 5 on friday since the other gals put their link up on hold for the summer. it was pretty popular last week. we would love to have you!