Meet the Sullivans: Monday Morning This & That

June 30, 2014

Monday Morning This & That

We spent Thursday and Friday afternoons rehearsing for and celebrating our friends' wedding. The venue was perfect, the bride gorgeous, the groom the happiest I've ever seen him and the party rocking! I love going to weddings, not just for all the fun, etc., but because it is such a great feeling seeing everyone in attendance (especially the bride & groom, and their families) SO completely happy!

My friend Jen and I had our hair done for the wedding at a blowout place and I was so disappointed. I haven't paid to have my hair styled (not counting the times I've had it colored and cut) since my own wedding, so I forgot how frustrating it can be to pay someone to do your hair and have them do a terrible job. I think I could have done a better job myself.

I (finally) bought a pair of the Kendra Scott "Ellie" drop earrings I've been eying forever with the hope I would wear them to the wedding, but I ended up wearing a pair I already had and decided to keep the Kendra earrings anyway since I'm in love with them!

We spent a lot of time apart from each other this weekend and I'm so happy that Keith was off Saturday-Monday this weekend so we could make up for lost time. We spent Saturday recovering from all the fun we had, yesterday we made it to church in the morning before heading to a really fun Kid's Zoo and Park (more on that later this week) and today we're spending the majority of the day at the gym & pool.

You're probably wondering what that photo above has anything to do with any of this. It's just part of a cute little story I want to document so I can remember it someday, because it had my heart melting.

Thursday morning I picked Owen up from the childcare after my workout and as we were leaving we passed the vending machines. Every once in a while Owen will ask for a snack from the machine, but I never let him buy anything because I don't want to set an expectation of buying things from there every time we pass, and I always have snacks for him in my bag anyway. But on Thursday I was feeling guilty because I knew we'd be leaving him a lot in the next two days, so I thought I'd let him pick something. He looked at all the snacks for a little while before pointing to the Chex Mix and saying "I get that one? For B!". Owen calls Keith's mom "B" (her name is Barbara) and she likes Chex Mix and she and O snack on it together sometimes. I was just dying at this point because I thought it was so sweet that he could pick whatever he wanted and what he anted was to bring something home to give to his grandma later that night. We promptly purchased the Chex Mix and I let Owen get himself some cookies too. Moments like that make me feel like we're doing a pretty great job raising our little boy!

Happy Monday, friends!


the girl in the red shoes said...

Awww Owen is such a little sweetheart! And I LOVE those earrings! They are on my wish list!

Kelli Herrington said...

Love all of the fun wedding pics. How disappointing you hair didn't go as you wanted and we all know paying someone isn't cheap. Love those earring as well.
How cute is Owen, adorable
Looks like a busy but fun weekend girl.

Samma said...

You looked gorge in all your pictures from the wedding- meant to tell you that on UG. Owen is such a sweetie!

Laureen said...

You'd never know you had a frustrating/bad experience with your hair, you look great!! I totally understand how that goes though.. :( Love those earrings, they are on my wish list still!! What a sweet little boy and such a precious story to remember, indeed!! :)