Meet the Sullivans: Scenes from the Weekend + Menu Monday

June 2, 2014

Scenes from the Weekend + Menu Monday

Oh no, not Monday again. It might not mean we're back to the "old grind" (that's what my mom always says), but it still feels like Monday. We had a great weekend filled with all sorts of fun stuff and celebrations. I love looking back on these posts months and even years later to see what weekends were like at any given time.

In true family fashion, the best parts of the weekend always happen in pajamas. Owen's favorite new thing to play with has been his Target dollar spot pirate sword and Pirate party hat. And he's been sipping his smoothies, bubbly water and all other liquids out of his personalized fire truck tumbler!

We spent Saturday morning with my mom at the Farmer's Market. Owen ate a chocolate chip cookie the size of his head and I have no problem admitting that because he also ate an entire cucumber, skin and all (it was about the size of my hand), and a whole carrot (also the size of my hand), so I think that pretty much balances everything out.

Keith was done with work early on Saturday, so after nap time we headed over to the Foster City Arts & Wine Festival. It's fun to take Owen out to experience the things I did as a kid. His day (possibly year) was made when he got to climb inside and onto the front of a fire engine!

The festival has really grown a lot in the last few years and one of the coolest, simplest things they have now that I totally appreciate is a giant tent in the middle of the large grass area where the musicians perform. There really is not much shade out at the park other than the shady area the tent provides AND the boys loved playing with the many giant bean bags!

We also finally tried one of those spiral potato on a stick things we see every year! I always see people with them and this time we had to give it a try. It was good, and you could pick one of about 10 seasoning to have on your potato. We went with the garlic + parmesan one, since Owen likes parm. It was good, but pretty much tasted like extra thick potato chips.

Sunday morning I made Whole Wheat Banana-Strawberry pancakes for breakfast. On the semi-rare occasion that I actually make pancakes I prefer to make them from scratch as opposed to using a mix. I like this recipe the most! We went to a birthday party for our neighbor's, Keith went to our nephew's high school graduation and I had a pedicure. Pretty productive weekend... and we still have tomorrow!

Now, onto the menu for this week! I'm trying out all new recipes this week. None of them are overly complicated or far from anything we've ever had before, but they're different takes on some of our favorite things.

What's on your menu this week?


Ashley Brickner said...

That picture of Owen on the fire truck is too sweet!!!!! His smile is so contagious! XO

Tawnya Faust said...

What Ashley said!! I love his little smile!

Jenny said...

That firetruck looks awesome! We need to get back to our local farmer's market now that things are in season again! I totally think that if he ate a cucumber with skin that alone justifies the giant cookie -- YUM to both!

Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

mmmm those recipes look good! The pirate booty is way too cute, just look at that happy =)

Vanessa said...

Owen has the best smile EVER! :) Such a fun little weekend!!!