Meet the Sullivans: It's the Little Things, Like Rollercoasters

July 2, 2014

It's the Little Things, Like Rollercoasters

After leaving our sweet boy two nights in a row last weekend we wanted to make sure we had some family funtime together before the weekend was over. We'd heard from a few family members how much fun Happy Hallow Park & Zoo in San Jose is for kids around Owen's age, so Sunday morning after church we headed down to check it out.

The drive went really fast, but Owen still fell asleep on the ride down. I think that having us out late two nights in a row really threw his schedule off. The weather was really warm in San Jose, and there isn't a ton of shade in the park, so if you plan on going make sure you slather on sunscreen and wear hats!

There are so many fun rides for the kids Owen's age! He really loved riding in the vintage police & fire engines. He loved pulling on the bell and waving to all the parents watching their children! I feel no greater joy than when I see him having such a GREAT time!
His favorite ride by far was the roller coaster! As soon as he saw it he was dying to have his turn. We let him watch it go around a few times and kept asking if was sure he wanted to go on it. I think we were both a bit nervous that he would freak out once the ride started to move, but we also both know what a daredevil our son is, so we figured he would probably be okay, and luckily he was just the right height for the ride. 

Keith and Owen sat in the second row, and I sat in front of them. As we started our descent down the first part of the ride I tried turning around to see him, thinking he might be a little scared, but he had the biggest grin on his face! I half expected him to be hiding his face in Keith's chest, but he was taking it all in!

But of course, eventually there were tears ... when we had to get off the ride, meaning our turn was over. Keith, being the great dad he is, took him on for a second go 'round while I watched. Have you ever seen someone so little be SO joyful about riding on a roller coaster?! This boy amazes me everyday. He's a brave little soul.

And there were wild cherry snow cones! It was blazing hot.

We can add this part of the day to the list of things you will only do for someone when you love them deeply. I like animals, and farms and all that, but at the end of a sweaty and hot day, a farm is not a place I want to be. The petting zoo was incredibly stinky and dusty in the 90 degree weather, but Owen was having the best time petting the goats, so we hung around for a bit.

He liked this one salt and pepper goat the most, possibly because it was just sitting happily in the shade. Owen plopped himself down right next to the animal and just stroked his fur. He had overheard someone else tell their child that the goat's hair is coarse, so of course he kept telling me and anyone else who approached the goat that "He hair is crse, yeah".

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Laura Marie Keenan said...

Roller coaster, petting zoo, & snow cones sounds like the perfect toddler day! How fun; wish we could have been there! ;-)

hello erin said...

petting zoo AND rollercoasters? where do i sign lex up? because those are pretty much her favorite things EVER!!!

Tawnya Faust said...

Oh how fun!! I can't believe he loved the roller coaster so much! Scarlett would have a fit lol!

E Hayes said...

Awesome! Love it and great pics!

Whitney said...

He is so cute...looks like the roller coaster was a big hit! :)

Laureen said...

How fun!! You can tell from the pictures he really enjoyed himself. :)

Jessica said...

Awwww. So fun! Owen' s joy is absolutely contagious in these pictures:)

Elizabeth [Chasin' Mason] said...

How did I live so close to here when I was little and never go to this place?! Next time I visit my parents, I will definitely have to check it out with Mason. He would love it. I absolutely love Owen's face! He looks like he is having the BEST time!

cynthia said...

Seriously, the pics of Owen on the roller coaster are the best EVER! Looks like he is having a blast. :-)