Meet the Sullivans: National French Fry Day!

July 11, 2014

National French Fry Day!

Our son loves french fries! Honestly, what toddler or adult doesn't? I know I've never met a fry I didn't like, our devour. Problem is, fried food is so bad for you and your waistline, so I try to stay away from buying them or cooking them at home. I usually chop potatoes and bake my own and I would happily serve them to my family at home more often if I didn't have to do so much of the prep work myself. Well, that day may have finally arrived, my friends!

Let me introduce you to CravON!'s Never Fried French Fries! These fries aren't like any other frozen french fry though, they are never fried and have only 5 ingredients, so there’s no funny business — just the pure potato taste that comes through when you use real ingredients — the kind you can pronounce.

CravOn! fries taste amazing. Crispy. Delicious. Hot. Potato-y. Perfect to enjoy alone or as part of a meal.

That's why I was so excited when the nice people at CravON! asked me to create some french fry art with Owen in honor of National French Fry Day (Sunday, July 13th)! He definitely didn't need too much encouragement to eat the fries, but it was still so much fun building little scenes with his snack and lunch foods, and it got him to eat some broccoli and blueberries too!

Let me show you some of what we created:

Dinosaur Island
Fries as the ground, Dino Bites as the dinosaurs, broccoli for trees and an orange slice for the sun.

American Flag
Blueberries, fried and ketchup made up this little snack.

Turkey lunch meat cut with a biscuit cutter for the face, sliced bell pepper for the nose, blueberries for his eyes, cucumber for the mouth, cashews for ears, peanut butter sandwich for the body, fries for arms and hair.

I had so much fun putting together these snacks for Owen and he had a great time eating them! It was fun to try a new product that I can feel good about serving my family.

If you'd like to pick up a bag or two of these delicious fries for yourself you can get print a coupon off their website for $2 OFF any variety of CravON! fries! I found ours in the frozen section at Lucky's, but you can use there store locator to find where their products are sold.

Now onto something YOU may be a little more interested in eating! I made my own version of loaded fries using what I had on hand to make Greek style french fry nachos (not sure that makes complete sense, but that's what I'll call them!)

1/4 bag of CravON! ripple cut fries
1/3 cup of taziki dipping sauce
diced tomatoes
diced cucumbers
diced bell peppers
kalamata olives
1/3 cup feta, crumbled

Bake fries according to package directions, cool for a minute or two before piling on all of your tasty ingredients! 

Have a great weekend, and on Sunday I hope you'll participate in #nationalfrenchfryday with some Never Fried French Fries!


Amanda | Kids and Cabernet said...

I need to try those, I won't feel guilty giving them to the kids. Your french fry art is so cute and the french fry nachos?! Yum!

Sarah said...

okay, I need to go find these, this is great! Thanks! :) Love that french fry art, so cute!

Unknown said...

Your French fry art is just the best! I will need to find these ASAP as my kiddos love some fries! And me too, duh!

Alyssa said...

Too cute!!!

Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

French Fry day? Didn't know it was a thing! I can't believe I missed it, we love french fries around here. I make them in the oven all the time, but the prep can be a pain. These are great for in a pinch! I'll have to check them out.