Meet the Sullivans: One year and Beyond - Favorite Summer Toddler Activities

July 17, 2014

One year and Beyond - Favorite Summer Toddler Activities

Today is the second week in the One Year and Beyond Series! Thank you so much to everyone who linked up last week and for all of your sweet comments on my post. I loved reading all of the great advice and ideas everyone had to share on keeping your marriage alive with a toddler, and I can't wait to hear all of the great ideas you have this week!

Today's topic of discussion is Favorite Summer Toddler Activities. Summer is my favorite time of year because it usually means we can spend a ton of time OUTSIDE and thus, our list of fun activities is endless. Unlike Winter, Summer weather lends itself to more simple pleasures (hello, donut + park dates, or sticky after nap popsicles!) and spontaneity. Fun activities in the Summer don't have to be brilliant and Pinterest-worthy, or require a lot of preparation. Even basic chores can be fun in the Summer! Here are a few of our favorite things to do in the Summer that you can go do right now!!

Try a New Park - There are so many parks in our area, we love trying a new one every once in a while! I like to ask Facebook friends for suggestions for their favorite park, search yelp or just get in the car and see where we end up. We often drive by random parks while we're out running errands, so I keep a list in the notes section of my phone so I don't forget to visit the park someday.

Go Exploring! - We love parks, but we also really really love exploring! We like to set out to a location (the local community college football field, a huge grassy park with no actual play structure, etc.) and just see what we can see. This isn't brilliant, I know, but Owen loves doing it and it's an "Activity" that can last us hours. For local people here are our favorite open spots for exploring: Hallmark Park, Laurelwood Park trails and creek, San Mateo Central Park Koi Pond and Rose Garden and Water Dog Lake Park.

Water Play - We play with the hose, we go to the splash pad, play with the sprinklers, fill up the kiddie pool, the water table or we go swimming with friends-- the fun and possibilities with water are endless! We haven't broken out the water balloons yet, but I think that would be a ton of fun too! 

Trucks in the Dirt - Almost everyday after he wakes up from his nap Owen asks to go outside and play with his trucks in the dirt. We sit in the sun, with the trucks and pretend to be "workers". I'm pretty sure I will be bringing a big storage container of dirt into the garage for this activity in the winter. He especially likes the CAT Mini Machines, and so do we, because all of the other ones we've had have broken.

Yard Work Together - Cleaning the barbeque, blowing the pine needles in the yard, watering plants, pulling weeds, sweeping... these are a few of Owen's favorite chores to help with in the yard. It's lots of fun for him, he gets to explore his skills and we clean up the yard while we're at it! We do this a few times a week, so Owen has a variety of favorite yard tools to use, his favorites are: leaf blower, sweeping set and watering can.

Wash the Car - Sometimes ours, but usually HIS! Keith and Owen love to wash the cars together, and Owen actually does a great job scrubbing the tires with a big soapy sponge. When Keith isn't home and Owen gets the urge to wash the car I take him out in the backyard with his Cozy Coupe and we wash his little car together. It is so sweet watching him take the same pride in cleaning the tires of his own little car as he does our big one.

Thanks so much for stopping by to see how we like to keep busy during the warm days of Summer! Please check out my Summer Fun! Pinterest board for more ideas for ways to make this summer memorable! Next week we'll be talking about Helping Your Toddler to Communicate!

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Jamie @ The Jamie's + 1 said...

Washing your car together is such a good idea!! We are going to have to try that soon with our little boy!!

hello erin said...

i love all of these! so do-able and so easy!!

Sara McCarty said...

Love these! Mac and Ryan wash our cars together too. They both end up completely drenched, but they have a blast! Love the idea of keeping a list of local parks. We usually end up at the same ones over and over. Great ideas!

Heather Leigh_A beautiful ministry said...

Love these!!! My daughter loves cars... and dirt so that works out perfectly :)

Leah @ Everyday Love said...

Owen takes the best pictures! Such a great list and also funny how different things are with girls and boys!

Christina @ Still Lucky said...

I love the washing the car idea! We have the same one. I'll have to do more exploring around my town!

Courtney B said...

Okay!! You gave me some awesome ideas I hadn't thought of! Eric washes our jeep almost weekly and I never would have thought to have Mia help! (Mostly because he takes it to a self car wash since we don't have a yard... dying to buy a home!!)
And I love the idea of picking a location and just letting Mia roam and explore! Definitely adding that to our list!