Meet the Sullivans: Rodan + Fields "Before"

July 1, 2014

Rodan + Fields "Before"

In the last three years I have noticed a big change in my skin. I'm no longer battling as many breakouts, but my skin is showing wear in other ways. Maybe it's the lack of attention I give it on a regular basis, the sleepless nights, too much coffee or all the time I spent in the sun as a teen, any way you slice it-- my skin needs some help!

I am not a product lady. If you look in the my medicine cabinet or the drawers in our bathroom you will find just the basics. I use few products, and  I've tried the fancy skin care products and the special creams, but they've never done enough good for me to want to continue to pay for them and use them. And well, I guess you can probably see how much I care about that stuff  by looking at my skin. It's dull, uneven and blothcy. I have age spots (father time is not kind to sun loving Irish girls) -- it is time to do something!

Then a few weeks ago I ran into my friend Marcie and she told me that she was going to be able to stay home with her adorable 2 year-old son Mason more because she recently started as a brand rep for Rodan + Fields. I was so happy for Marcie, and really intrigued about the products. I've heard so many great things about R+D, and about all of the people who see a drastic and guaranteed change in their skin after using the products. As you can probably guess, I was more than willing to give the products a try!

The line was created by Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields who are also the creators of the well known Proactiv® line of skincare. They created Proactiv® specifically for people battling acne, and wanted to expand their dermatology based skincare solutions to everyone with their variety of lines in Rodan + Fields.

 They have six different lines of products that focus on different results:

REVERSE for reducing the appearance of brown spots + discoloration.
REDEFINE for reducing the appearance of lines, pores, and loss of firmness.
UNBLEMISH for acne and post-acne marks.
SOOTHE for sensitive, irritated skin and facial redness.
ENHANCEMENTS (makeup + extras) for optimized results with your regimes.
ESSENTIALS (body moisturizes and sunless tanners) for everyday needs.

For the purpose of my review, I requested anti-aging products from the REVERSE line. I wanted to show you a "before" photo of my skin prior to using the products. I can't even believe I am posting a photo of myself with no make up, on the Internet! Please be kind!

I started using the products last week (so it's been over a week now!) and I am definitely seeing a difference. I want to give my "after" shot a good chance to look a whole lot better, so I'll be back in a month with the "after" photos, which will hopefully be redeeming! If anyone else wants to join me in showing off their R+F "before" and "after" photos I'll be happy to start a link up (kidding, but not really!)! Just contact Marcie to order your products!

Now here's a little bit about my friend Marcie!

I started with Rodan + Fields because I'm a self proclaimed skin care junkie and who doesn't want the upper hand on the aging process, right? I also saw the opportunity to work for R+F as a way for me to be home with Mason, work for myself, make my own hours and sell a quality product I really stand behind. R+F has allowed me to cut back on my hours at the hospital and spend more time watching my little guy grow up. 

Marcie has also offered to give Meet the Sullivans readers a $19.95 reimbursement fee if they decide to become a Preferred Client and place an order over $300 or purchase a Power Pack! Becoming a Preferred Client, gets you an automatic 10% off all orders and free shipping. It also signs you up for auto shipment (but you can pause the auto ship if your not ready for more product or alter the products being shipped at anytime).

I can't wait to be back next month to share my "after" results! 


Unknown said...

Yay!!! So excited your already seeing results. I was shocked when I saw results that quick on my face. Can't wait to check back in and see the progress. And you look fabulous without makeup;-)

Tawnya Faust said...

This sounds like exactly what I need! IF only they could make something that delt with acne AND ageing!! PS your makeup-less selfie is gorgeous, don't be so hard on yourself! ;)

the girl in the red shoes said...

I can't wait to hear what you thought about it after trying it for awhile! I've been wanting to start this regime for forever!

Unknown said...

Tawnya that is actually what the Unblemish Regime is. It does the best of both worlds, adult Acne and Anti-aging;-) if you would like to know more, please feel free to email or you can click on the link and find my information to contact me.

Unknown said...

I would love to send you a mini facial and answer any questions you have about the regime and which one is right for you. I love your blog and would love to offer your readers the same discount if you would like to write a blog about the mini facial. Please email me if your interested.