Meet the Sullivans: Blog Business Cards

August 18, 2014

Blog Business Cards

Way back in the Spring when I purchased my tickets for BlogHer I knew that there were a few things I wanted to do to prepare myself for the conference. I had to make sure I had some comfortable/cute shoes and outfits, an idea of what I wanted to gain from going, and some cute business cards.

Besides having a mobile device of some sort (smartphone and/or tablet), business cards are the second most important thing to bring with you to an event like this. At a conference like BlogHer you meet so many new people and spend a ton of time chatting, that you would never be able to keep them all straight and remember their blogs without exchanging business cards. And it's really nice to have a system for keeping them all organized in your bag. I went the super fancy route and use a ziplock baggie to hold all of the tons of business cards I was accumulating. 

It took me forever to decide if I felt like my cards should match my blog design, or if I could get away with having something that just coordinated with the colors I have here. My little internal debate about the design helped me to continue procrastinating on having them made, and left me to design my own cards less than a week before the conference. I'm also really lucky to have a professional printer as a friend, so I was able to send my files to Jen and she printed and cut them for me. Thanks, Jen!

I used the Acorn program on my Mac (it's the same program I use to make all of my graphics) to create the layout. First I created a standard rectangular shape as my base. Then I pulled images from my site into a file on my desktop and made sure to save them as a PNG file. Then I just played around with what kind of design I wanted.

I really wanted a double sided card too, because why would anyone interested in marketing their site NOT want to take advantage of that space? I also wanted to keep things simple and clear so that my information can be easily read.

Next time I have cards made I think I will deifintely make the font a little larger and I'll include a few photos of some of my favorite projects to give an even better idea and feel for what my blog is about.

In the end I am so happy I created them myself and that they match my blog design!


Jess Scott said...

They came out great! I would have no idea where to even start to make my own, so kudos!! :)

Laura Marie Keenan said...

I love how your cards match your blog; they thrned out great!

Kristy {Seven Graces} said...

These are awesome! :) What program did you use to design them? I am going to my first conference in two weeks, and I guess I need to makes some. Yikes!