Meet the Sullivans: Camping in a Cabin in Cloverdale

August 5, 2014

Camping in a Cabin in Cloverdale

I'm not really a fan of camping. I've been camping many times, and it's usually fun in theory, but in reality, it ends up being far from it....

Having said that, we had a blast camping with family a week ago! Like I said, camping isn't usually my thing, but Keith's brother and his wife really know how to camp the right way. I knew that if we wanted to go, they'd be the people to go with. And there was the huge motivating factor that O would have the. time. of. his. life camping, so I knew we had no choice but to take him. There's also the fact that said camping happened at a location that includes cabins (not tents!), showers and restrooms.

We started out the journey with a little driving and a stop for breakfast at the Big Bear Diner. You can tell from the picture of O with his cousins that he was having a hard time containing his excitement.

Side note: Keith went camping with his brothers and friends the week or so before this trip and I had to tell O his dad was working for 4 days straight because he would have been devastated if he knew that his daddy had gone camping without him.


Home Sweet cabin, cute little swing included.

Uncle Kevin fished that little fishing rod out of the pond a few years before by surprise. He and O's cousin cleaned it and fixed it up and gave it to O. He was so thrilled to have a rod just his size. 

I must note that O spilled chocolate milk on his hat in the car on the way up to camping. Not sure how one manages to spill milk on their hat, but if anyone is capable of doing so it would most definitely be a 2 1/2 year-old boy!

O's first fish! He was not happy when we had to toss him back in the pond. 

The 2nd most exciting thing about fishing are the worms, according to this 2 year-old boy.

He played happily with those worms for most of the day. They ever got a ride in his worker trucks. No worms were harmed (until the fish ate them). 

It was so incredibly hot in Cloverdale while we were up there, and the night was really rough. We had so much fun fishing, playing, eating and spending time with family, but we were very happy to be home, showered and in our beds the next night. When O woke up in his crib the morning after we returned the first thing he said was, "Hey! Where'd our cabin go?" I think there will undoubtedly be more camping in my future.


Laura Marie Keenan said...

What a fun trip! And awesome pictures of O fishing. I can't wait to take Liam for the first time...probably next summer!

Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

A cabin! That is the way to camp, although some AC wouldn't hurt either. Go big or go home? I love that it has a swing. Such a great smile with his fish. I could get behind that kind of camping. My husband is much more traditional, but I bet he could talk me into it this way!

Karina Marie Powell said...

Haha gotta love our little 2 year olds! Such boys! Totally something my son would do with the worms!

Sarah said...

Fun! We need to take my son camping, but with my daughter being so young, have to wait till next summer!

hello erin said...

This looks SO FUN! And pretty much the only way I'd go camping :)

Elizabeth [Chasin' Mason] said...

A cabin is the only way I would go camping! And real bathrooms :) That cabin looks so cute! Especially the swing!

Alyssa said...

My version of camping is probably a little bit different than actual camping lol. I'm sure he had a blast!

Laureen said...

Oh fun!! I'm jealous of your cabin camping, we just did tent camping last weekend, sans toddler. Looks like you had a great time. Love the fishing pictures!! :)