Meet the Sullivans: Friday, Friday, Friday!

August 29, 2014

Friday, Friday, Friday!

1. Thank you! First off thanks SO much to all the people who completed the survey this week! So many of you have really kind and insightful things to say about this space, and lots great ideas for where you'd like to see it go. You have been such a HUGE help to me!

If you haven't shared your answers with me yet, you still have time to share. Just click this link to be taken to the post with the survey, and don't forget to include your email address at the end so I can include you in the giveaway for a $15 Amazon card. I will be announcing the winner next week!

2. See's Candy Store Opening I had the pleasure of attending the grand opening of See's Candies newest, and largest at 1900 square feet, San Francisco location this week! My mom and I had a lovely time sampling chocolate and wine pairings, mingling with the other guests. The store has two chocolate counters to make the shopping experience go more quickly and to accommodate those busy holiday shoppers around Christmas, Mother's Day and Valentine's day, which are their busiest times of the year.

You'll be surprised to hear I limited myself to only 3 chocolate samples + wine pairings. I tried my VERY favorite piece of See's, Scotch Mallow, with a glass of champagne (naturally!). Next up was the Pecan Buds cluster paired with a Merlot, which was fantastic! My favorite pairing was probably the final one I tried, Guinness with a peanut brittle.

We had such a fun time and the swag wasn't so bad either!

3. Back to School, Moms Go Wild Have you see this video? If you haven't take a sec to check it out. I don't really watch any vlogs regularly, but these ladies are really entertaining! Do you have any favorite vlogs?

4. Green Thumb, maybe? Every Summer I try my hand at growing herbs and vegetables. While I usually manage to get at least one tiny baby veggie, I never see them make it too full fledged edible vegetable. This year has been much more successful, I'm happy to say! I think that's all because I decided to just stick with three plants this time: basil, mint and tomatoes from seed. All are doing well and I can't wait to see the tomatoes turn red -- that is, if O doesn't pull them off the vine before they're ready!

5. We have a fun weekend ahead with family visiting, a Giants game and a party with friends. The weekend awaits!

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Laura Marie Keenan said...

The Sees party sounds like such a fun mother/daughter date! And nice work with the tomatoes! I find that's it's all about finding the right amount of sun, and less about my actual gardening skills. My plants on the side of my house are going crazy while the ones in our backyard are barely producing!

Courtney said...

I don't watch vlogs regularly but I've thought about making one myself! They're super fun occasionally I think. Have you ever made one?

hello erin said...

A sees candy opening?! With WINE. I'm dying of jealousy.

Elizabeth [Chasin' Mason] said...

Umm, See's grand opening??? How do you get invited to that? They recently opened one right down the street from me and I had no idea they did that! Bummer I missed it.

Astleigh H. said...

Hopping over from the link up! Wine and chocolate, yes! And you should definitely grab some of those tomatoes before they turn red to make fried green tomatoes!

There's a giveaway on my blog all week and I'd love for you to join!