Meet the Sullivans: Hello, Friday!

August 15, 2014

Hello, Friday!

Goodness the week went by quickly! We've been around home a lot lately because there has been some work being done on the house (dry rot in the downstairs bathroom), so I am really exited when the weekend comes because it means we get to get out and see people and do fun things!

Playing Dress Up!
I've been looking forward to when O would want to play dress up since last year. When we bought his Halloween costume last year he wasn't really into it, and really fought me when I wanted to put it on him, but now he's totally into pretend! We bought this pirate costume yesterday at Costco (best $20 I've spent this month!) and the only time he's taken it off was last night for bath and bedtime. He promptly asked to wear it this morning upon waking up and I'm pretty sure he will be wearing it to the gym this morning!

New Subscription Box - Kiwi Crate 
I decided this week to cancel our subscription to Citrus Lane. We have loved all of the items we've received in our shipments, but I started to feel like O would benefit more from a subscription box that gave us an activity to do together rather than adding to our already overflowing amount of "stuff" in our home. Have you tried Kiwi Crate? I can't wait for our first box to be delivered, and I will share all the results.

Whole Foods Bag of Goodies 
Did you see the Blue Bottle Iced Coffee I posted on Instagram last week? It was amazing! While we were in there we also picked up a bag of goodies c/o Whole Foods San Mateo that was full of all sorts of fun new things to try! My favorite so far have been the Elderberry Balsamic, it's perfect for summer strawberries, and the water bottle for O, because we can always use more handy ways to stay hydrated! What are your favorite items to pick up at Whole Foods?

Organizing Our Life
I have been meaning to organize our personal files for as long as we've been married -- that's 4 years! I hate feeling panicked when I need to find some important paperwork and have to sort through a haphazardly organized box, so this weekend I am making a trip to Staples to buy all of the necessities to get us really organized. My biggest inspirations for this project: Simplified Personal Files and the Project Paper Series. I'm also hoping to get started on some kind of system to keep this blog organized, as my current system goes no further than my brain (not always dependable!) and my Life Planner.

Angel Soft Winner!
I drew the winner for the years supply of Angel Soft® facial and bath tissue giveaway, and the WINNER is Christina of This Woman Cooks! Congratulations Christina! I will send your information to my friends at Angel Soft and they will send you your products!

And on that note, we're off to workout and swim! Have a fantastic weekend! I'm linking this post up with a gaggle of wonderful people, so go check them and all the other linkersup!


Jessica said...

We had Citrus Lane for a while too but it got to be just another thing to add to the pile. I'll have to check out this Kiwi Crate, it looks much more interactive! Thanks for sharing :) I SO need to organize our personal files too!! Eeek! Stopping in from the link up :)

Jess Scott said...

I have so many things pinned to get my life organized, but I keep saying that I'll do it when we get settled into our year. Haha!!!

I am with you on Citrus Lane...I always love stuff, but I it is STUFF!! I will check our Kiwi Crate. THANKS!

Happy Friday!

Courtney said...

We love dressing up in this house!! So fun!

Boy, I wish we had a whole foods nearby. No such luck.

hello erin said...

I've given kiwi crate subscriptions as gifts before- but I haven't gotten lex one yet! I might need to jump
On the bandwagon since she's older now and all Homegirl wants to do is craft craft craft! Can't wait to hear what you and Owen think about it!

Karli at Girls Traveling said...

girl. i have GOT to get our life organized...especially before this second gal shows up. this is great inspiration. thank you so much for linking up! we love having you!

Annette said...

Your little guy is so cute. That's the best pirate's costume EVER! I love Whole Foods--the cosmetic and chocolate section are especially dangerous :)

Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

Kiwi Crate - that sounds like a great idea! And, dress up is so fun! I'm looking forward to that too - what a fantastic pirate!