Meet the Sullivans: Never Miss a Beat, I'm Lightning on My Feet

August 19, 2014

Never Miss a Beat, I'm Lightning on My Feet

Okay, you know you've got that song stuck in your head too. Don't know what I'm talking about? Check it out here. Thank me later, friends!

O had his first dance class at Small Fry Dance Club and it was a total WIN!! Let me take you through how it all went down with a picture overload.

I know what you're thinking, "dance is for girls", and while I disagree, I may have doubted my decision to sign O up for the first 5 minutes of his class. O is naturally an outgoing boy, and has no trouble making friends with boys or girls, but he definitely feels more comfortable around other new children when some of them are boys.

He hung back for a little bit and sat in my lap while the rest of the kids sat in a semi-circle with the teacher. He still participated from my lap, but was reluctant to join the group for a bit.

And then things took a turn for the better! Look at that smile :) Maybe the circle was a little intimidating at first?

It didn't take long for our little star to get up and show off his rhythm. I'm pretty sure he gets it from me ;) Hashtag: can't stop, won't stop grooving

Look at that boy! This is when I realized I should never doubt my mommy instincts, because this was a fantastic idea. He was having a blast just shaking, wiggling and grooving all his energy out. 

He also proved himself to be a great listener and direction follower. You may remember our experience with gymnastics in the winter and the struggle we had with following directions. It's a relief to think this might go more smoothly.

O is not all too familiar with group style directions, so when the teacher asked everyone to find a yellow strip of tape to sit on, we were surprised he found one and sat right down -- again, I'm impressed. I had no idea he'd learned to follow directions, which is likely because I don't see him following he directions I give at home a lot. 

And then he reminded me that he's only 2 1/2 and has his own plans, and became the leader of the pack. The teacher did not ask them to all lay on their tummies -- Owen took it upon himself to switch positions and all the girls followed suit.

And then they had a little Meditation Time, which is code word for "let the poor instructor have a break, because that woman is working hard for the money, has all the patience in the world and has already earned her way into Heaven".

After Meditation Time the teacher set up a little obstacle course for each child to go through one at a time. All the kids that were not doing the obstacle course were asked to sit along the mirror while they waited their turn. I'm sure you can just imagine how that went. Poor lady, it was like herding a gang of feral kittens. But everyone had fun!

Before we knew it, class was over. Stamps were distributed, and good-byes were said. Keith and I spent the entire class smiling from ear to ear while watching O have a blast, so I'd say it was a GREAT idea to sign this boy up for dance class!! We're already looking forward to next week's class.

Small Fry Dance Club is one of our sponsors this month, but this post was not sponsored. All opinions expressed here about the class are my own. We purchased the voucher I told you about last week from Plum District for the class.


Jess Scott said...

Oh my gosh, this looks like so much fun!! ANd, he listened!! I am always amazed that Cameron listens to everyone except me!! Haha :) I am so impressed that Owen rocked it...way to go!!

Jess Beer said...

Looks like so much fun!

And also, that song has been stuck in my head from the moment I heard it. Seriously, can't get enough!

Jessica said...

How cute is he, having so much fun in that class? LOVE it! And that song? Oh my gosh, I will listen to it on repeat over and over, I love it so much. "I just wanna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake!"

Ashley Brickner said...

This is adorable!!!!!!!

Laura Marie Keenan said...

I love that O in taking dance class! He will thank you over and over when he is older, especially when he is a little heartbreaker! We always try to keep things gender neutral in our house, but sometimes its difficult. Yay for boys in dance!