Meet the Sullivans: Our Very Own #SheetHappensVideo!

August 29, 2014

Our Very Own #SheetHappensVideo!

This post is sponsored by Angel Soft®.

I have had a great time partnering with Angel Soft® for their #sheetoutofluck campaign! I've loved the opportunity to see their booth at BlogHer '14, be interviewed in a make-shift bathroom, giveaway a year's supply of toilet paper (Christina of This Woman Cooks was the lucky winner!) and now to make a little video ourselves similar to their awesome #SheetHappens videos!

When the people at Angel Soft® asked us to make our own version of a #SheetOutOfLuck video I wasn't sure what direction I wanted to take it creatively. I've never made a video like this before, so I had no clue where to start! I knew I wanted to include O, but that I wanted to respect his privacy, so there would be no "toddler on the potty" shots involved. I just used my iPhone and iMovie to add a little flare.

I thought this scenario was a great choice, since so many of us moms have been there. You finally get to sneak away to use the bathroom, alone, and find there is no toilet paper -- and of course while you were gone someone has gotten into something and made a big mess. Always happens!

I just love what O says at the end. His response was completely unrehearsed! I'm happy that the video was quick and simple. I hope you think it's kind of funny or cute. What toddler doesn't love to make a mess play with a roll of toilet paper? 

Oh, and please excuse the mess in the living room. New floors were just installed in the entryway and bathroom, so things were still all over the place from the construction.

And don't forget, you can snag some great coupons on the Angel Soft page right here!

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