Meet the Sullivans: Busy Bag Link Up & DIY Portable Road Playset Busy Box

September 9, 2014

Busy Bag Link Up & DIY Portable Road Playset Busy Box

Last week a big group of us shared the busy boxes / bags we received through our Busy Bag Exchange. I have absolutely loved seeing all of the creative ideas my mommy blogger friends have come up with for the busy bags / boxes we exchange. So much creativity and so many great ideas were shared!

Now, it's our turn to share how we made the boxes we sent out, where we bought the materials and any tips we might have.

I got the idea for this busy box from Dyan at And Next Come L, and as you'll see I originally thought I would make the road connect by attaching Velcro, but decided against it at the last minute. It seemed like a good idea because the Velcro would hold the craft stick road in place, but then I thought it might be frustrating for a 2 year-old to deal with so I just skipped it. I also made a set for O too and knew he'd like it more without the tricky Velcro.

O has loved playing with his set, which probably has something to do with the fact that I only pull it out every once in a while. I keep the box on the dining room table, so he usually forgets about it until I pull it out (maybe 2-3x a week).

Want to see how I made it and how to make one of your own? Here is what you'll need: 

Materials All materials were purchased at Micheal's Craft Store
2 sheets of green felt
1 sheet of blue felt
Velcro dots which I ended up not using, but they're still in the picture
jumbo wood craft sticks
yellow & black acrylic paint
paint brush
small box / bag
figurines of your choosing

1. Start out by painting your craft sticks with black paint on ONE side -- these will be your "roads" for the play set. I tried really hard to keep the paint even and from getting on the back side, but some still slipped by. Because of the extra paint on the backside the craft sticks stuck to the paper I had them drying on, so on my next batch I was even more careful and laid them out to dry on wax paper.

I waited about 1 hour between painting the first side & letting it dry before I painted the backside of the craft sticks.

2. Once both sides are dry you can begin painting the yellow lines on the craft sticks to make them appear more like an actual road. I'm not super crafty or neat with a pain brush, as you can see, but luckily toddlers do not care about either of those traits as long as you're fun!

3. While you wait for the yellow lines to dry you can make a little pond or lake for your road play set using the blue felt.

4. Now that all of your "roads" are dry you can assemble your road play set. Use the two green felt pieces as grass and lay the craft sticks however you see fit, as long as they are all connecting. O had a fun time laying out his roads and deciding for himself where they should all go.

Everything fits really nicely into the plastic pencil box I bought at Micheal's, but it would all easily fit into a gallon Ziploc bag, which is probably easier for portability and storage space. 

Now it is YOUR turn!! Please link up your post about a busy box you've made so we can all share our ideas! I'm looking forward to seeing your ideas and pinning them to my Busy Bags to Make Pinterest board.


Hint Mama said...

Love these idea:) Filing it away for my to-do list:)

the girl in the red shoes said...

Hudson loves his box so much! Thank you!!!!

Unknown said...

This is great! So cute, too!! Thanks for sharing!

E Hayes said...

Love this one! Honestly, I think Ashlynn would love it and I'm usually against any gender stereotyping, she loves her Green Toys trucks and watching the trash trucks come by like every other toddler, but something inside thinks it'd be hella hysterical to make turn it into a pink glitter unicorn land :)

Christina @ Still Lucky said...

Love this idea so much! So cute and I could see it being a great distraction for waiting at restaurants or appointments.

KatiePerk said...

All of these ideas are so inspiring!

hello erin said...

i can't lie. this is OUTSTANDING. like the cutest and the best!! and i bet hudson was head over heels when he got it in the mail. you my friend are adorable and crafty!

Samma said...

This is darling!!