Meet the Sullivans: Hey there, Friday!

September 12, 2014

Hey there, Friday!

Hooray, the weekend is here! I'm linking this post up with a gaggle of wonderful people, so go check them and all the other linkersup too! September Farm, The Farmer's Wife, A Little Bit of Everything, Grace and Love, and Momfessionals! 

ONE The Moon & Lola necklace I bought all the way back in July during the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale finally arrived! At first I thought it was a little large for my taste, but after wearing it once I totally changed my mind and fell in love, hard.

They no longer sell my exact one, but Mark & Graham sells one similar, in addition to a ton of other beautiful personalization necklaces and jewelry. My personal favorites are the Layered Dog Tag necklace (would be so cute with your wedding date on the large tag and children's initials on the small hearts) & the Rose Gold Elle Bangle.

I made the jewelry hanger myself. You can find the DIY here: DIY Jewelry Display
TWO I picked the Stuck On You Giveaway Winners! I will be forwarding your email addresses to Stuck On You and they'll be sending over your $25 vouchers! Thank you to everyone who entered.

THREE Roast Sweet Potato Bun Burgers - We tried something new this week with our standard burgers. Instead of using a bun we using slices or roast sweet potato. We both really liked it (O was never going to be able to hold something like that together with his hands -- he had all the contents of the burger broken down), it was super filling and much healthier than a burger with a standard bun and cheese.

FOUR Ghirardelli Chocolate Festival - This weekend we'll be taking Keith's mom up to San Francisco for her birthday to attend the best chocolate festival around. I am so beyond excited -- been eating clean all week for this! -- and you can expect a full recap of all the deliciousness next week.

FIVE Somersaulting - O and I have had a little Summer tradition in the evenings. If I'm finished cooking dinner, or we're waiting on something in the oven, and Keith still hasn't walked in the door O and I will play around on the grass out front until he comes home. Every time a car drives down our street O says "Ooooh! Is it daddy?". This week we were playing around with our somersaults and I caught him in motion (using the Auto Sports setting on my Canon dSLR Rebel (similar)). I'm going to have to blow this one up and frame it for sure.

Have an awesome weekend!

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Tawnya Faust said...

Can we talk about your jewelry hanger?! Did you make it?! :) I love it! I love the last photo of O somersaulting too! Great shot!! Have a great weekend, Colleen!

hello erin said...

Chocolate festival?! No way!!! And that burger!!! I mean it looks beyond delicious!! And Owen summer saluting?! I die. His giant smile!!

Jessica said...

Agree with Tawnya above - let's talk about that jewelry hanger. Soo cute! Have a great weekend:)

the girl in the red shoes said...

LOVE that picture of Owen! It's a framer for sure! And that necklace is gorgeous!

Jess Scott said...

What a shot!!!!! That's a framer, for sure!! (Can I come with you to the chocolate festival?? SO FUN!)

E Hayes said...

Love it, I have a ton of iphone pics of A doing fwd rolls, but not on the good camera - thanks for sharing the setting! Love the necklace and YAY!! so excited about the labels, thank you for the giveaway, couldn't have come at a better time!

Unknown said...

What a fab shot of O. Definitely a framer! Please share the recipe of the sweet potato bun burger, pretty please! I need it in my life!

Christina @ Still Lucky said...

Love that necklace. It's so beautiful! I'm envious of your chocolate festival, I bet that's going to be a lot of fun, can't wait to read all about it. :)

Ileana @ Illy Who said...

What a fun festival! I had no idea they had one, I'm so going next year. I'm so excited I won the Stuck on You giveaway, Thank you :)