Meet the Sullivans: Motivational and Menu Monday

September 1, 2014

Motivational and Menu Monday

Don't you just love a holiday weekend? It's not a three-day weekend for us (because Keith usually has Monday off anyway), but we do get to hang with some friends today, so that makes it all fun!

Goal: Make healthy choices for me and my family, including making conscious (healthy) food choices and staying active.

Progress to date: 1/2 a pound loss. Less than I hoped for, but still better than a gain!

Highlight of last week: Seeing the entryway floors and bathroom finished. Happy to be back to normal! Oh, and sneaking out for a pedicure on Saturday.

Challenge of last week: Making good food choices when we're out somewhere. My mom and I went to the See's grand opening party Tuesday night, and Keith and I went to the Giant's game yesterday and all diet restrictions went out the window.

Workouts: Only two this week, but they were good ones. This week I'm hoping to get to the gym or do some smaller at home workouts if I can't. The stairmaster is my friend and my enemy!

Lessons I learned this week: Garlic fries and a Ghirardelli sundae for lunch, why not?! All the more reason to make my other food choices "clean" ones!

What's on the menu for this week...

Monday - Dinner at friends
Tuesday - Oven Baked Tacos
Wednesday - Slow Cooker Mexican Chicken and Rice Soup
Thursday - Chicken and Spinach Burritos
Friday - Bacon and Sweet Potato Sliders

Have a great week! I'll be announcing the winner for the Reader Survey tomorrow morning, so check back then!

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Unknown said...

Yeah for mamas sneaking out for a pedicure! I need to do that soon too :)

XO Kelly