Meet the Sullivans: O's First Day of Preschool & "My First Day" Interview Printable

September 11, 2014

O's First Day of Preschool & "My First Day" Interview Printable

O had a fantastic first day of 2 year-old preschool on Tuesday!

I was a little worried about getting O to school dressed, in good spirits and on time. He's been a real homebody lately, and only wants to stay home to play. I'll tell him in the morning where we're going that day and he'll usually says something like, "I think I okay" meaning he has no desire to leave or "How about we stay home, play cars? That's an idea!". So on Tuesday morning we talked up school BIG time. We told him how he was going to get to play with other kids, play with shovels and sand, and have snack with his new friends. That is probably the only reason I was able to get him in the car Tuesday morning.

Once we were out the door we had 40 minutes to get to school, which is more than enough drive time between home and school, maybe even double. Better to be early than late though, because once we got to school I realized I had forgotten to pack quarters for parking (our school is in a downtown area with very little school parking), so we had to walk over to Safeway (the only nearby place that was open before 9am) for quarters. We ended up only having 5 minutes to spare before his teacher opened the door.

I was lucky that Tuesday is also my workday, so I got to be there with O for his first school experience. I think he would have been fine, but I'm pretty sure it worked out better for me. It was fun (and exhausting) being in the classroom with all the children on the first day, but the kids all did great! Barely any tears were shed when the other parents left. There are 3 other moms helping and the teacher, so we definitely had the class well covered.

The kids have about a half hour of free play (cars, dolls, dress up, kitchen, etc) / art/ playdough before getting outside for some play time. O's favorite things to do outside were digging in the sand and riding the little motorcycles. I was impressed with how well all the children did with listening to directions. After "recess" was dancing time inside, followed by hand washing and snack.

The children all sit at tables together for snack while the adults supervise and help with opening snacks and drinks. I was so proud of O for how he handled himself through the steps of snack time... standing in line to wash his hands, getting his little lunch bag from his cubby and finding a seat at a table with other classmates. I packed him a water bottle, pretzels and strawberries. Our salt-loving boy mainly snacked on pretzels and drank a ton of his water!

I was pretty proud of O all day for not clinging to me at all and just enjoying getting to know his classmates and even talking to some of the parents a bit. He's often more social and outgoing than I am -- Keith and I are so very thankful for that little bit of his personality! After snack the class went outside again for more playtime before coming in to play with blocks, and finally to have story time before dismissal.

And of course this was a day full of first, because Owen also climbed out of his crib for the first time as he was refusing his nap. I thought for sure he would be in need of a nap after all the fun we had at school, I know I was hoping to have one myself! He never napped that day, and has not napped since. I'm not giving up on naps though. Today we have no distractions after lunch to keep me from getting him to nap, so keep your fingers crossed I can make it happen. I'm not ready to lose nap time.

And what first day would be complete without some kind of memorabilia to capture what he was like on that very day? I created this little My First Day of Two Year-Old Preschool interview myself with all the questions & answers I thought we'd enjoy being able to look back on someday. As you can probably see, O is really into dinosaurs right now! I just asked him these questions the day before school while he was having lunch and wrote down his first answer. My goal is to create a system, like I Heart Organizing's School Paper Work Storage system, to keep all of his school work organized for safe keeping through the years.

If you'd like a copy of the printable for your own use I've made them available in Google Drive, and you can print them here Preschool, Two Year-Old Preschool and  Three Year-Old Preschool. They are definitely no perfect, but they'll do just fine as a memory keeper.

So today we're off to our second day of school -- wish us luck!


hello erin said...

I'm so so happy he had such an awesome first day!! I bet one of the other kids at school told him about climbing out of the crib-- troublemakers ;)

Laura Marie Keenan said...

Oh my, he is so adorable on his 1st day! How exciting and wonderful that he did great! We are going to start Liam next year when he is 3, and I'm kind of liking forward to that big step! Naps have been rough for us lately too, but I'm definitely not giving up either!

the girl in the red shoes said...

Love his first day of school smile and outfit! I'm glad it went well, but super bummed he isn't napping! Come on Owen!!!

Jess Scott said...

What a fun day - he looks so happy!!! I'll say a little prayer that naps return!!!

Ashley Brickner said...

He is too cute, that smile! Glad he had a great first day!

Unknown said...

He looks so happy in these pics! Glad he had such a great day!

Meg O. said...

Aww he looks so precious! Glad he had a great day! Super cute printable :)

E Hayes said...

Aww such a great first day! Sounds a lot like Ashlynn's schedule at school too, except I think they do "circle time" with a book and songs in the morning and they do an art activity everyday (I'm going to need a portfolio!) I love that he's so out going even with you being there.

I know you said in the past he's still in the crib, do you think swapping to toddler bed might him? I was totally if it aint broke don't fix it, but when were forced on vaca to use a twin bed I was she totally surprised me. We switched when we came home and she's really been doing great. She still calls for me and sometimes when she wakes before time is up for naps, for potty, I'll bring her back and tell her she can read some books in her bed. And she does! Just an option instead of losing naps all togehter (that'd blow!!)

rachel said...

Aww he looks so big! He is just the cutest. And how darling is that printable?? Totally going to fill out for the boys!

Jenny said...

Sounds like a great first day! Love these printables - thanks for sharing. I'm saving them for next year to use with Callie! Do you think the crib climbing out was a fluke? A lot of times when I think Callie should be super tired she can't settle - sounds like owen's day. I wouldn't give up on naps either - that time is too precious! Callie climbed out randomly so we had to switch her to a toddler be for safety. It's not been easy here so I'm not advocating that you should do that. She sleeps less than when she was in her crib but she plays by herself bc she can get to her books and toys so I get about the same time of down time. Just some thoughts :)

Elizabeth [Chasin' Mason] said...

So glad he had such a good first day! And how fun that you get to volunteer in his classroom! Thank you for the link to the printable! Mason just had his first day of preschool a couple weeks ago so I am totally going to use this.