Meet the Sullivans: This, That and Motivational Monday

September 29, 2014

This, That and Motivational Monday

-The One Year & Beyond Series kicks off again this week starting on Thursday when we'll be sharing our Toddler Diaper Bag Essentials. So, if you'd like to share what you keep in your toddler bag, write a post, and then please come back on Thursday and link up with us!

-After going back and forth for a few days O and I finally settled on a Halloween costume for him. First he said he wanted to be a dinosaur, then expressed some interest in being a Jedi, but eventually came back around to dinosaur, a Tex Rex Sharp Tooth to be specific. I showed him a few different dino costumes on a few different occasions and he always preferred this orange Raptor one from Amazon.

-Have I told you yet that my (younger, cooler, more stylish) sister started her own health, beauty and lifestyle blog, The Pretend Cookie? I've been telling her to do it for a long time now and I'm so excited she finally did! I always look to her when I want to know what's cool. 

-I've finally found another book worth reading. When I read that Erin had just finished reading Big Little Lies and proclaimed it the "bestest book ever" I knew it was worth a shot (she has a history of having great taste in books in my opinion). And people, so far it is really good, check it out: Big Little Lies.

-I drew the giveaway winner for the Thirty-One Bag giveaway, and believe it or not my MOM won! Yay, mom :) I think she's pretty darn deserving, (and there was no rigging here -- see screen shot from the giveaway widget above) if I do say so myself -- she's probably the first person who ever read my blog!

-I'm pretty sure I'll be buying Seriously Delish any day now. I've been holding back since I've been trying to not add more cookbooks to my collections, but I just love Jessica's blog and all the recipes I've tried of her's are fantastic, so I'm sure it would be a good choice to buy it, right?!

Now some motivation....

Goal: Make healthy choices for me and my family, including making conscious (healthy) food choices and staying active.

Progress to date: No loss this week -- 4 lbs lost since starting.
Highlight of last week: Finding some jeans! This is a huge accomplishment for me since I usually have a hard time finding something that fits my hip to waist ratio-- and I want jeans that I can spend all day in, which is hard to find. I need to be able to put them on in the morning and not want to change into something else when we're playing cars on the floor. I've found the Julie pants and the Curvy denim from Ann Taylor Loft are consistently a good fit for me.

Challenge of last week: My gym was closed most of last week because of Rosh Hashanah and after my workout on Sunday I developed a bit of sciatica, which was a pain -- literally. 
Workouts: Only one. Ek!
Lessons I learned this week: When I'm active (i.e. going to the gym) I am more likely to make good choices nutritionally. 

Here's the plan this week: 
Monday - Lettuce Wrap Turkey Burgers with sweet potatoes
Tuesday - Grilled Salmon, Roasted Cauliflower and green beans
Wednesday - Turkey Chili
Thursday - Lightened-up Taco Pasta
Friday - Out

Have a nice week!!


Chrissy@SimpleJoysBlog said...

That book is definitely on my list to read next! Looks great!

hello erin said...

Owens going to be the cutest orange Dino ever! I love it!! And I'm so so happy you're loving big little lies. It seriously had me hooked!

the girl in the red shoes said...

I was just going to say that Owen is going to be the cutest dinosaur ever, but just saw erin beat me to it! But seriously, how fun! And that book is on my list for sure...can't wait to read it!

Jessica said...

I still haven't decided on Caleb's costume yet. Eeeek! I need to get on that. Owen will be an adorable dino!:) And thanks for the book suggestion! I just finished Gone Girl, and need some new reading material!

Jess Scott said...

I cannot wait to see Owen, the Dinosaur!! So cute!! And I just clicked on every link you put because I want to check them all out. :) Your blog is always so helpful!! :) Would you ever want to do a blog book club? I never make/find time to do one at home, but would love to be reading the same book as other moms!! I can't wait to check this one out - Erin is always spot on!

Laura Marie Keenan said...

How fun that your sister started a blog! I swear everyone in my real life thinks blogging is this crazy little thing! Also that book is on my list, so I might need to bump it to the next read!

Unknown said...

I just finished Big Little Lies! I wouldn't say that it's the bestest book ever, by any means, but definitely a fun, quick book. Worth the read :)
Looooove jeans from ATL! My favorite part is that they seem to generally run big, so the size tag always makes happy too :)
Also, your menu plan looks delish!

E Hayes said...

Aww can't wait to see him roar, he'll prob be way cuter than that stock photo! And I saw on Target cartwheel that the skinnytaste cookbook is 25% off this week, might grab it even though I rarely use any cookbook I own (aside from weelicious).