Meet the Sullivans: Weekending + Motivational Monday

September 22, 2014

Weekending + Motivational Monday

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

We had big plans to find an apple picking farm to bring O to, but after lots of research, we can't find one close enough to where we live -- they're all at least an hour+ from us, which is just too long to pick some apples and then turn around and come home. If you're local, and know of something please share!

Now onto the weekend...

Saturday was really low-key. Keith headed out to work before we woke up, and we just played in PJs until my mom and sister came over. I literally only left the house to pick up lunch from the deli on Saturday and it was lovely. We considered going out to dinner somewhere new, but in the end we decided on ordering pizza. I love trying new (to us) restaurants, but O has been such a homebody lately that I knew he'd rather stay home, so we did.

This picture is not from the weekend, but it is just too cute, so I had to share!

Sunday morning the three of us had coffee and milk in bed before Keith left to play basketball with some friends. O and I filled the time with a trip to Costco with B (Keith's mom). Next to Target, Costco is definitely my favorite place to wander and browse. We stocked up on essentials, fleece PJs for O (get 'em while they have them) and I bought a this Marc New York quilted coat for $40 -- can't beat Costco prices.

When we came home Keith was home from basketball, so I headed out for a marathon shopping trip. I'm on the hunt for non-skinny, non-denim comfortable casual pants. I want something I can comfortably wear while playing on the floor with O and then wear to the store and not be embarrassed by what I'm wearing. I usually wear yoga pants or these pants from Target -- but I'd really like to steer way from wearing workout clothes when I have no intention of going to the gym.

Anyway I'm also looking for a dress for our girl's trip to Vegas to see Britney. I was successful at finding neither, pretty much. I found a dress that's okay at F21, but I'm not sure it's the one.

Don't get me wrong, I love to shop, but the whole time I was out I was thinking "I hate this. I hate shopping", because I hate looking for something specific and I can never find what I'm looking for. Anyone else experience this?

The rest of the day included football, grocery shopping, dinner and Caramel Apple Pie baking. 

Now, onto motivational monday!

Goal: Make healthy choices for me and my family, including making conscious (healthy) food choices and staying active.

Progress to date: Down a 1/2 a pound this week, 4 pounds total. Not a huge accomplishment, but better than a gain.

Highlight of last week: Increasing the weight (35 + 35 + 25 = 95lbs) on the leg press. I have an on going problem with my right knee, so I'm really happy to see my legs getting stronger. 

Challenge of last week: Avoiding the desire to bake something! I made Oatmeal Pumpkin Spice cookies last week and gave away as many as I could. After Sunday (when I made them) I avoided having anymore. Also, Pumpkin Spice Lattes -- I indulged in one this week (grande, non-fat with only 2 pumps).

Workouts: 3 great weight training workouts on Wed/Thurs/Friday along with 3 cardio workouts on the Arc trainer, and some shopping cardio yesterday!

Lessons I learned this week: When I make a healthy dinner and save leftovers for lunch I'm more likely to be successful in making good choices because I'm not tempted by snacks while I wait for my lunch to be ready.

Here's the plan this week: 
Monday - Honey Dijon Pork Tenderloin in the slow cooker + brussels sprouts + whole roasted cauliflower
Tuesday - Easy Oven Fajitas w/ corn tortillas
Wednesday - I'll be out, so ordering pizza for K + O
Thursday - Skinny Taste Meatballs + veggies and quinoa pasta
Friday - Slow Cooker Minestrone soup

Have a nice week!!


Jessica said...

Great job on the Costco finds - SO wish we had one near us! That pie looks absolutely amazing - definitely putting me in the baking mood. Your healthy meal options are definitely motivating me to do a bit better with my own meal planning - because you are so right. Having healthy leftovers is the key prevention in keeping me from eating chips and junk food for lunch! On a side note: I totally understand your shopping conundrum. It seems that whenever I am looking for something in particular, it's nowhere to be found. It's a curse!

Elizabeth [Chasin' Mason] said...

LOVE Costco (and Target!) too! I went on Friday and totally scooped up from fleece PJs for Mason as well. Even though it is still wayyyyyyy too hot to wear them anytime soon, when it finally cools off, I knew I wouldn't be able to find them so I picked them up now.
LOVE O's shirt! Definitely was rooting for my hometown team this weekend and was sad they lost. But my question is... I'm trying to find Mason a new Steelers short (my husband LOVES the Steelers) since he outgrew his from last year. Where did you get the 49ers one? I'm hoping maybe they have all teams?

Jess Scott said...

Shopping cardio totally counts!! We went to IKEA on Saturday, and I think I burned more calories than I have in a long time!! I love that you fill your weekends with your family...nothing beats it! And down 1/2 pound is an accomplishment! My scale is stuck, I think! Ha :) Happy Monday!!

Laureen said...

Good weekend!! :) Definitely feel you on the frustrating shopping trips, ugh!! I'd say GREAT find though with the jacket at Costco, it's fun to get something. But I know you can't wear that around while playing either.. Good luck on the pant/dress search!!
That pie looks amazing. And high-five to you, good work at the gym!! :)

hello erin said...

shopping for something specific is the WORST. i feel like it always ends in sadness. and this is going to sound SUPER random- but try a website called "nasty gal" for vegas brit clothes. don't get turned off by the name. . . promise :)

Kristy {Seven Graces} said...

Colleen, I love your pictures! All the time. :) And yay for a Vegas trip soon. I've never been, but I know you will have a blast. I second what Erin said about Nasty Gal. Also look at Asos. They always have the best dresses. ;) Have a happy week!

Sarah said...

Oh NEED to go to Costco soon to get some fleece jammies! The pumpkin pictures, so cute! I say for fall you do some leggings (get the wide band Hue leggings from Nordstroms), and then find a bunch of tunics, add some tall boots and you look put together and leggings are almost like yoga pants :)

Laura Marie Keenan said...

Since O has been such a homebody lately, what all do you two do to fill your days? Liam & I spend almost our whole day out of the house, but that will soon be changing with colder weather coming and I'm freaking out about it a bit!