Meet the Sullivans: Loving Your Post-Baby Body

September 18, 2014

Loving Your Post-Baby Body

Welcome to the second week of our One Year & Beyond series! Today we're talking about learning to love our post-pregnancy bodies.

The changes you go through as a pregnant women are truly amazing. It is mind boggling to watch your stomach grow and expand and know that your body is growing a tiny human inside. I know some people get tired of the weekly updates a mom-to-be posts detailing the week to week changes she's going thorough, but I never get tired of it-- it never ceases to amaze and mystify me all of the amazing things our bodies are capable of. 

                Six months pregnant. 

With all the changes happening in the short nine months a baby is being grown you can only imagine what your body might be like when you're all finished. I went home from the hospital incredibly bloated and puffy after being induced, on an IV forever and going through a c-section (read O's birth story, if you're in the mood for a long winded story), and at that point I could not have cared less about all of that mess. I was more concerned with adjusting to life with a newborn child than with how my clothes fit or what my stomach looked like.

     Proud (sleep deprived) new parents!

The first two months went by so fast. They were pretty much a blur. By the time we got back into some what of a normal life / routine I had somehow lost all the weight I had gained while pregnant. I chalk it up to new mom anxiety, putting feeding myself low on the priority list and breastfeeding. Not the healthy way to lose the weight, but it's what happened.

Flash forward over 2 1/2 year later and I've definitely gained back some of the weight I lost initially, but things never got back to the way they were before having our sweet baby boy, even when I'd lost the weight. Even 130lbs, for example, looks much different on a pre-baby body than it does a post-baby body. Not necessarily bigger or softer, but redistributed. It's just not the same.

It takes some getting used to, but this new body isn't so bad. I've got quite the prize to show for it, after all. The one thing that really makes me feel great is taking the time to get tot he gym. I've definitely got some weight I'd like to lose right now, but at the same time I'm very happy with the progress I've been making at the gym. I started increasing my weights about 5 weeks ago and I can see and feel a definite difference-- I'll expand more on how I fit in my workouts later in the series!

Have you learned to love your post-pregnancy body? Check out the other mama's blogs for their stories. And be sure to link up with us below if you also have a post on this topic.

In the difficulty of motherhood, it's so important to find other mamas to relate to. Toddlers can be a handful and leave you wondering what to do next. This series is here to help you navigate through toddlerhood while being able to relate to other mamas going through the same thing. We may not always know what we are doing but we give it our best shot anyway.

Come back each week to check out our new topic and read along with the other hosts of our One Year and Beyond series!

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Christina @ Still Lucky said...

I love this topic. Now that I'm pregnant with our second I'm curious, and anxious, to see what happens to the weight after. It's so wonderful you're able to go to the gym regularly, I hope to do that again soon.

Unknown said...

Love this post! It's amazing what the body is able to do in 9 months! No our bodies will never look the same post-baby but it's all worth it!
XO Kelly

Sarah said...

I always love reading the baby bump posts, although I never did one, haha! Yes for the redistribution of weight. So weird how that happens.

Meg O. said...

What an awesome series! It definitely took me a year and half and a LOT of hard work to lose all of the baby weight. I put myself through a lot of emotional turmoil throughout it, because I thought that breastfeeding was supposed to make you skinny! Totally NOT the case for me. My body likes to be cushiony for my nursing baby. But this ended up being a blessing in the long run because my body went back to the best shape I've ever been in (maybe because I didn't lose a ton of weight all at once so I wasn't left with sagging skin or stretch marks). This time around, I have a completely different outlook. I know that my baby needs my body to be cushiony so I can give her the nutrition she needs. It also doesn't hurt that I stayed active during pregnancy. The best thing to do for yourself and your baby is to give yourself time and love the body God is giving you to nurture your child. I'm glad that you are feeling great about your new body. You definitely have a great prize to show for it! :)