Meet the Sullivans: Pumpkin Festival 2014

October 21, 2014

Pumpkin Festival 2014

Long before we were even engaged Keith and I started our tradition of going to the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival together. We always start our mornings there with a breakfast of pumpkin pancakes, sausage and coffee at the Great Pancake Breakfast.

(Pumpkin Festivals of years past 2013, 2011, 2010)

This was the first year O has partook in the enjoyment of said pancakes and sausage. Last year he could careless and the year before he was still on a diet of purees. He really enjoyed them, which was totally cool because he doesn't usually go for pancakes or waffles. Note to self: make pancakes for toddler.

We also met up with our friends, the Smiths, who's son is the same age as O! His mom Jackie and I have been bestfriends since forever, so it's really fun to watch our boys play and laugh together. They had a ball goofing off and being silly together.

Every year Keith looks forward to having the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company's Pumpkin Harvest Ale, which was sold out last year. This year he was able to get some, but didn't really get to enjoy it with a cute little someone sitting on his shoulders and drumming on his head!

Mommy's mimosa!

It seemed like there were a lot more kid-friendly activities this year than the years before, or I just never noticed before. There was a whole pirate themed area with fun arts & crafts activities kids could do if their parents bought them a few "doubloons" aka pirate money. The boys (actually the moms) picked a cute little craft where they got to funnel colored sand into little bottles.

Such a fun and easy activity (perfect for someone throwing a pirate themed party -- just do it on the lawn, it's messy), that has a beautiful result. We're keeping O's on his shelf in his room!

Baby Zoey is Nico's little sister and she was so chill the whole time. We didn't hear a cry from that sweet little girl the whole time!

After the festival we headed over to our friend Scott's family farm, Pastorino Farms, to pick some pumpkins and play around. O went right for the jump house and went two rounds in there jumping with "the big boys" and then went straight for the big slide -- he's a thrill seeker, that boy!

There's Zoey, still happy as a little pumpkin!

There were horse rides (but not for us because there were no safety belts on the horses this year)...

There was a little train ride around the property...

A petting zoo.... where the O was so gentle and sweet to all the animals big and small.

Our little St. Francis Assisi, animal lover!

The best family photo we could get, but I'll take it!

What a fun day! O asked to go back the next day. He's been to three pumpkin farms / festivals in the last week, and I think he's starting to expect a visit to one each day!


Unknown said...

I love a good fall festival. Looks like you all had a great Time!

Laura Marie Keenan said...

This always looks like such a fun event! And I love that picture of the three of you!

Unknown said...

Looks like so much fun! I wish we had something like that here!
XO Kelly

Christina @ Still Lucky said...

So much fun!

the girl in the red shoes said...

So fun! Did you get a glass pumpkin again this year? I remember your collection!

hello erin said...

This looks amazing! No lie. And Owen clearly had a blast!!!

E Hayes said...

So much fun! I still have a sand art that I made at school fair in a classic coke bottle when I was little, really is a fun activity! What an awesome event!

Unknown said...

The Half Moon Bay Pumpkin festival looks amazing...what a great time for all members of the family! Happy Wednesday, Colleen :)

Sara McCarty said...

Love this! Those two are so stinking cute! And now I really want pancakes and a beer. That's weird.