Meet the Sullivans: Surviving Sick Days

October 30, 2014

Surviving Sick Days

First of: HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to the San Francisco Giants on winning the World Series! It was a close game, and honestly I am glad that torture is over. We kept O up a little past his bedtime so we could all watch the end of the game. I still get nervous thinking about how close it was. Game 7, 3-2 Giants, bottom of the 9th with the Royals at bat, with 2 outs. We we're all holding our breath.

I'd love to take O to the parade on Friday, but it will be right in the middle of his nap, raining, a huge rowdy crowd, on Halloween, so we're going to just watch from home in our Giants gear!

This is week five of our One Year & Beyond series and today we're talking about how we deal when our children are sick.

When O has been sick with something tough like the flu, hand foot & mouth or has a fever I surrender all expectations and limitations for the day. I cancel our obligations and throw our to do list out the window. I know all my energy is going to be focused on caring for our sweet little child.

When O is sick I let him relax on the couch and we watch movies, I tell him stories I make up, we read books, play with is action figure and cuddle. We surrender to doing whatever will make him comfortable and get better, so the laundry, email and all other chores have to wait.

All of a sudden any little bit of desire you may have to satisfy your own needs (shower, food, maybe go to the bathroom) goes out the window and the momadrenaline kicks in that allows you to stay up all night holding that sweet, sick child and power through the next day (or more) with very little sleep.

Here are some of the things we have on hand for when O is under the weather:

1. Boogie Wipes - When O's nose gets a little dry and chapped from a few days of a cold these wipes are all he'll let near his nose. They're a lifesaver. They come in travel packs too, which we keep in his room and in the car.
2. Braun Forehead Thermometer - O has no problem using the this forehead thermometer as long as he gets to take my temp too. I like that it's easy to use and the screen lights up green, yellow or red with the temp.
3. Tissues - Duh, but we keep them in every room, in the car and a few travel packs in my purse.
4. Crane Cool Mist Humidifier - A must in his room at night when he'd got a cough and cold. We know he can rest more easily when the humidity helps his breathing. It also helps that this one ins cute since it takes up a ton of space on the dresser.
5. Vicks Waterless Vaporizer - We plug this in on low when O goes to sleep and then turn it off after about an our because it gets little too strong, but the cool sensation helps O feel like he's breathing better so he can rest.
6. Little Remedies Cherry Pain Reliever - O's favorite flavor is cherry -- he won't get near the grape or bubble gum.
7. NoseFrida Snot Sucker - Although O can blow his nose now, we still use the Snot Sucker at night before bed to help clear things out. The NoseFrida sound gross (don't worry, there is a plug that keeps the fluids from making their way up to your mouth!), but it really works so well.
8. Honey Pops - The toddler solution to cough drops! And they're kind of a fun treat for when the little guy is sick.

How do you survive those dreaded sick days with your children? Check out the other mama's blogs for their tips. And be sure to link up with us below if you also have a post on this topic.

In the difficulty of motherhood, it's so important to find other mamas to relate to. Toddlers can be a handful and leave you wondering what to do next. This series is here to help you navigate through toddlerhood while being able to relate to other mamas going through the same thing. We may not always know what we are doing but we give it our best shot anyway. Come back each week to check out our new topic and read along with the other hosts of our One Year and Beyond series!

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April Lynn | Our Little Loves said...

My little man is teething and I used the nose frida several times a day. It's amazing. That list is a great one. We also really like that plug in. I put some Essential oils on the old pads for it to re-use.

E Hayes said...

boogie wipes and nose fridas are musts around here. and a temperal thermometer was life changing!