Meet the Sullivans: Weekend Wrap Up

October 27, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

Finally, a weekend that felt like Fall! We started the weekend off watching the Giants v. the Royals in game three of the world series at our friends, the Smith's, house. The kids played (i.e. ran in circles around the house) while the adults watched the game and ate dinner.

At the end of the night we changed O to his jams before heading home, standard procedure for all smart parents, right? And Nico changed into the exact same ones as O and the boys were SO excited! No really, they ran in place and jumped and hugged when they realized it. The boys in their matching jams:

Saturday it was raining when we woke up!! My sister and mom watched O while I spent a few hours at O's school maintenance day. Since the school is a co-op the parent have jobs to do throughout the year at the school (which helps keep the cost of tuition down for all of us) and one of them is the 2 maintenance days -- and our school job is to work the third one as well. I wasn't sure what the day would include, would we be painting the building, cleaning the carpets, etc? My job ended up being cleaning all of the (mini) blinds and windows in the room, which ended up taking up the entire time. The classroom looked 10x better when we were done.

Later that night Keith and I went out to dinner to Kincaid's for my birthday! Every time we have  a special occasion to celebrate I try to find a new place for us to try, but about half the time we decide to go to Kincaid's instead because we know the drinks, food and view of the bay are amazing! We had a lovely time and the Giant's won game 4 that night, so it was especially nice!

Sunday morning we had coffee (and milk, of course). played toys and made Apple Streusel Pancakes -- they were fantastic! I'll definitely pick up another box of the mix next time I'm at Target. O tried a few bites too, and he's not usually a pancake lover, so I know they were good!

After breakfast we went on a little hike, or "adventure" as O likes to call it, and Keith caught O his first lizard. O was completely thrilled to finally get to see one up close. He was really gentle and whispered the whole time. After our little hike we stopped at the store to knockout the grocery shopping for the week. I didn't plan ahead and make a list so I had to just wing it, which I hate doing, but everything turned out ok. I didn't end up going home over budget and with a trunk full of nothing, which is what usually happens when I don't plan ahead.

In the afternoon we just hung around home. O took a 2 1/2 hour nap and I baked a few apple crisps for dessert. He was a little warm all weekend and took extra long naps, so I think his body is just trying to heal.

We made Carne Asada tacos and Mummy Quesadillas for dinner, watched the World Series, did bath & bedtime, and then Keith and I watched The Walking Dead before heading to bed.


Today we've got the gym, haircuts and a manicure for me on the agenda! Happy Monday!


Sarah said...

oh my gosh! Those mummy quesadillas are the cutest thing ever! Sounds like a great weekend!

erin vancura said...

sign me up for those apple crisps and mummy quesadillas!!! you guys always have the bestest weekends!!

Unknown said...

Looks like a perfect little weekend! And I'm totally stealing your mummy quesadilla's for dinner tonight - maybe my kids will actually EAT their dinner if I dress it up like this ;)

Unknown said...

Those apple crisps look so delicious and those mummy quesadillas couldn't be cuter!! Definitely essential to change the kids into their PJs before heading home after a dinner out at friends :)

Unknown said...

Those mummy quesadillas are so cute! I love all of your festive holiday ideas!! Hope you all have a great Halloween week!
XO Kelly