Meet the Sullivans: Walking with Dinosaurs!

December 27, 2014

Walking with Dinosaurs!

Last night we took O to see Walking with Dinosaurs at the SAP Center in San Jose!

As I'm sure I've mentioned before, O is a huge fan of dinosaurs. He loves playing with his toy dinosaurs inside and outside, and he can name a lot of them too! We knew that going to see Walking with Dinosaurs would be a HUGE treat for him -- and us!

I've been to the SAP Center (formerly HP Pavillion) dozens of times, and I've always been happy with how clean, safe and comfortable the space is. The dining options, though, in the surrounding area leave a lot to be desired. We were so happy to see that since we'd last been there they'd opened a Whole Foods close by, so we stopped there to get some dinner (and cash for parking!). If we were on our own we probably would have stopped into the Mission Creek Brew Co. that is located above too. Each of us was able to get some we liked, a burrito for Keith, sushi for me and chicken + veggies for O. After dinner we headed over to the center to pick up our tickets and find our seats.

We were so pleased to find our seats were in the second row! I was a little concerned before the show that O would be afraid being so close, but there was nothing scary. The dinosaurs roared pretty loudly when they battled, so we covered his ears, but otherwise it was totally fine.

The imagery in the show is unbelievable! It was almost impossible to capture how amazing it was to see these gigantic creatures walking around in front of us. They were huge!

The show started right on time at 7pm and lasted for about 2 hours, with a 20 minute intermission in the middle.

O especially loved watching the set change instantly during the show! I liked that the whole thing was narrated by a paleontologist (really an actor, of course) who explained the nature of each dinosaur and the geological periods in which they lived. There was even a little humor mixed in, which was cute.

O's absolute favorite part was the T-Rex at the end of the show! He had the biggest roar of them all!

We had such a fantastic time at the show and I would absolutely take O back to see it again! He's been requesting a return visit all morning, so we're watching the Walking with Dinosaurs to get our fill.

We were given tickets to see Walking with Dinosaurs at the SAP Center in exchange for sharing our experience here. All opinions are my own.


E Hayes said...

Fun! We went to Frozen on Ice the day after Xmas, was really fun. I love seeing how excited the little ones get over it. The dinosaurs are really cool!

Chelsea said...

Wow!! How much fun!! So glad he enjoyed it :)
Chelsea @