Meet the Sullivans: Weekend

December 30, 2014


I love the time between Christmas and New Years! The hustle and bustle of Christmas has dissipated, yet there is still an air of holiday magic and lots of fun to be had. We had a weekend of full of the fun!

Friday night we took O to see Walking with Dinosaurs! You can read my full recap of our experience here.

Saturday night my friends from high school (and through life!) and I had our annual Girls' Christmas Party! We've been having our annual holiday party since we were Juniors in high school, which means we've been doing it for 16 years now, which makes me feel old. It's rare that the 6 of us can all gather together in the same place because of distance, jobs, family and life, so when we do it is a really special occasion.

This year Jackie hosted us at her house!

We all brought something to contribute to the party -- apps, dessert, wine, etc. This year I brought a Persimmon and Pomegranate salad, which I will absolutely share with you all tomorrow because it was a hit!

I love checking out my friend's trees when we visit during the holidays, and Jackie's was beautiful! It's fun to see what ornaments are important to them and all the ones they've been collecting over the years. Christmas trees are a real conversation starter.

While I was checking out all of her ornaments I spotted this one that I had made for the girls way back in 2000 for our 2nd annual Christmas party. I think the other side says the persons name and has a few trees I drew. Check out those crafting skills ;) So cool that she still has it!

For our gift exchange this year we did a Secret Santa ornament exchange, which worked out really well, and everyone loved their ornaments. I collect shoe ornaments, and Jackie gave me six beautiful, new ones to add to the collection.

After lots of talking (had to get a word in with our friends because we all have so much to catch up on!) and great food we moved on to dessert, which was Allison's White Chocolate Bread Pudding--it is to DIE for. We also played Cards Against Humanity,

I seriously am so sad I couldn't find a picture from our first party to compare it to this one! Side by side comparisons are always so much fun.

On Sunday we went up to the San Francisco Zoo with our friends the Smith's. O and their son N are the same age, and it was so cute to watch them run around the zoo together. We left the stroller at home, so O walked almost the whole time. We were impressed with how well the boys could keep up because there is a lot of walking at this zoo.

We had such a great weekend, but early Monday morning Keith came down with a stomach bug similar to the one I had a few weeks ago. He's been out of commission and I've been washing hands and disinfecting the house like a madwoman. Looks like we'll be celebrating NYE at home just us this year, so if you have any NYE-at-home ideas I'd love to hear them! 


Laura Marie Keenan said...

How fun that you do a girl's Christmas party! My SAHM friends & I always joke that we need to organize a "work" Christmas party like our husbands, ha! I may need to make it happen next year!

Elizabeth [Chasin' Mason] said...

How fun!!! And what a great tradition to do the Christmas party every year. That's so awesome that you girls are all still friends and able to get together for the holidays.

Unknown said...

A Girl's Christmas Party! How fun is that!! All the food looks super delicious as well!
XO Kelly