Meet the Sullivans: Weekending, before Christmas

December 22, 2014

Weekending, before Christmas

The pressure is on! I've been feeling the need to jam in all the fun holiday stuff since we returned from our trip, and this weekend was seriously jam packed with lots of it.

Saturday was a crazy baking day for me. From the time I woke up until we left for our date that night I was either in the kitchen mixing, cleaning or baking.

I made a batch of the Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls to bring to a party, give out and for Christmas morning. The recipe is supposed to make seven pans, although mine only made 5 1/2. They taste delicious! I used egg nog in the frosting instead of milk, and I have to say I think that was a great, great decision.

Some time in the middle of the cinnamon bun madness, probably while I was waiting for the dough to rise, I decided it would be a good time to start a batch of sugar cookies. I've usually been baking the cookies one day during nap time, and frosting them the next day, but this time I did it all in one day. These have been my favorite so far!

That night Keith and I had a fun date night up in San Francisco. We got stuck in some awful traffic on the way from the freeway to the parking garage under Union Square. It took us an hour to get a couple miles, but that's just SF the weekend before Christmas.
We had a lovely dinner at Scala's (they were so nice to accommodate us even though we were an hour late for our reservation), and spent the rest of the night checking out the lights, the giant Williams-Sonoma and the Christmas decor at the St. Francis.

Sunday we went to a Christmas brunch at our friend's house. I love seeing everyone and their adorable kids during the holidays. The kids all played nicely together and the adults got to have a few mimosas + bloody marys.

I made little multi-colored crayons for the kids using a Christmas tree silicone baking mold.

These kids! I look at them and I can't believe how lucky we all are -- and that just about 6 years ago we were all kid free. What did we do before them?

I'm signing off now until after Christmas, so I just want to wish you all a beautiful holiday! Merry Christmas!


Unknown said...

Those cookies and cinnamon rolls look amazing!! Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas!!
XO Kelly

Chrissy@SimpleJoysBlog said...

Those cinnamon rolls look amazing and your cookies do as well!

Sara McCarty said...

You are amazing. I love the PW's cinnamon rolls! Genius to use egg nog. I've been putting massive amounts of eggnog in my coffee every morning these days. Can't get enough. Those cookies are awesome! And I love the crayons! Where do you find the time?!

the girl in the red shoes said...

What a fun weekend! I've been meaning to try pioneer woman's cinnamon rolls but I'm too scared! Yours look amazing!

Jess at Just Rainbows and Butterflies said...

You are always so crafty and those cinnamon buns look delicious! Yum!