Meet the Sullivans: Five on Friday

January 16, 2015

Five on Friday

Oh boy, this has been a long week. O came down with something Tuesday morning after school (fever, irritability, really tired but unable to sleep much), so we've been home watching movies and playing alllll week. Last night things hit an even lower low when he suddenly decided 2am was the new 6am. We ended up being awake until 4:30am, so excuse me if I sound like a big downer this morning! 

He couldn't wait to jump right in! The crib bumper came off soon after! 

1. We switched O's crib to a toddler bed last weekend, which is something I don't think I would ever have done if I didn't have to. Combined with his illness this week, the transition has done terrible things for his (and my) sleep. But he loves it! He's so thrilled to be able to climb in, but mostly OUT, of his big boy bed. More on all that next week.

2. Yesterday during one of our long stints of couch sitting I decided to do some updating on my blog's Recipe tab. I hadn't added of my newer recipes to it in over a year! Now it will be much easier to find what you're looking for (if what you're looking for is a recipe). It is still a work in progress though.

3. Three years ago this morning (at around 9:30, I think) Keith and I headed to the hospital because we thought my water had broke. Two long days of induction and labor later, and our Owen was born! We can't wait to celebrate this weekend with a big party and all his friends!

4. and my steps have been way low because we've just been cuddling all week, but it has still been AWESOME! I love seeing how little sleep I'm getting (sarcasm) and how few steps I'm taking (again, sarcasm). I'm looking forward to giving it a real breaking in next week when things are back to normal!

5. And with that I'm off to attempt a few birthday party errands! Wish us luck!

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Jessica Scott said...

Poor everyone! I hope you all get some sleep this weekend AND have a great time celebrating THREE years - WOW!!

hello erin said...

THREE!!! i mean really. THREE. i hope it brings zero sickness and a smooth toddler bed transition :)

Laura Keenan said...

Oh no, poor O with the sickness and lack of sleep! Hope it all improves soon and that you had a blast celebrating his birthday! I love how motivating my fitbit is, but it's sure is depressing on sick days!

Dabay said...

Colleen I'm so happy you reached out through my blog! Us bay area gals gotta stick together :) I work in Foster City so it's refreshing to find a warm and talented blogger nearby. Hope your son had a wonderful birthday - he's adorable!

Jennifer Green said...

He is precious!! And I need a FitBit, bad!