Meet the Sullivans: Five on Friday

January 30, 2015

Five on Friday

Here there! I hope everyone had a great week! We sure did! I had a hair appointment, O had a great week at school complete with a special party, we played at the park and made it to the gym 3 days this week, and the best news of all is the it is the WEEKEND!

Here's my five...
| 1 | Yesterday O's class had a Teddy Bear Picnic celebration and it was the sweetest thing I've ever seen! He brought his little stuffed dog Bugsy and held him close the whole time. He took really great care of him, although he mentioned later that he "lost" him at one point and had to ask Teacher Kim to help locate him. I stuck around the school to be there for the special snack time since the class sang O Happy Birthday too. 

| 2 | Thanks so much for your input on my recent Stitch Fix box! I've decided to keep the jeans and send everything else back. I've already scheduled my next fix for late next month! I can't wait for it to arrive. If you're considering signing up for a box, please use my referral code -- I'll be so grateful!

| 3 | I've made a few things that week that will definitely be added to our regular dinner menu rotation. The Chicken Tortilla Soup from Skinny Fork was so easy to throw in the slow cooker and made great leftovers! Ina Garten's Pesto Roasted Tomatoes I heard about from Annie were a great side. I used just a pinch of Parmesan cheese on each slice. These could be a great lunch as well.

| 4 | I had my hair done earlier this week, which is always wonderful, but I found one of the things I was looking forward to most about going (besides getting to sit for 2-3 hrs with my book / ipad / magazines) is grabbing a juice next door before checking in. My favorite is called Morning Glory and it's carrot, beet, orange, apple and lemon. What is your favorite juice?

| 5 | It might be January, but the weather here in CA has been pretty sunny, which has me eying Spring and Summer dresses. How pretty is this dress I pinned last week? It is from Anthropologie, but sadly, it is no longer available.

Have a great weekend!

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Jessica Scott said...

That dress is so cute as was Owen's teddy bear picnic - so fun!! :) I have been wanting to try the Chicken Tortilla Soup...this seems like a great weekend to do so!! Have a fun weekend!

Chrissy said...

Those teddy bear cookies are the cutest!! You must share you cookie decorating secrets!! Have you shared your recipes for cookies and icing before on here?

Colleen said...

Thank you so much! The recipes and techniques are all from what I learned from Allison's Cookie Party ( It's a little expensive, but I learned so much about how to get the kind of cookies I wanted.

Colleen said...

Thanks! Definitely try the soup! It was good -- and we're having it again next week :)

EHayes said...

Love that dress and the styling. Glad Owen had fun at the party!!

Katie @ Cup of Tea said...

What a sweet party!! Love the pictures. And I've been telling myself if I'm good about not buying frivolous things through February, I'm signing up for Stitch Fix! It looks like such fun!