Meet the Sullivans: Goals 2015!

January 7, 2015

Goals 2015!

I love the new year and making goals for the coming months. A fresh start, a fresh clean agenda -- in paper and intention -- all the possibilities of a blank slate feel so good!

My blog calendar on the left and my planner for 2015 (the Simplified Planner) on the right

My resolutions each year always sound almost exactly the same... exercise more, read more, plan more, save more, blahblahblah. I'm always trying to improve on those areas, and I'm not sure I'll ever complete them entirely, but when I look back on my goals for 2014 I definitely made progress in those areas.

Last year I set 5 goals at the start of the year (last year's goals in their entirety 2014), and while I set myself up with a way to measure them, I never really stayed accountable. I met a lot of my goals and made some good changes (I was at the gym 2-3 times a week and tried a lot of new recipes from my cookbooks).

I came to a decision on my goals after a little thought about what I would love to accomplish this year and then figuring out exactly how I will do it and measure my ability to have met them.

My goals for 2015....

Try a new recipe, simple or complicated, healthy or indulgent, once a month. This is something I'll really enjoy since I love cooking. Part of this will be attempting to make some of my own creations as well.

Keep healthy. I love how I feel when I'm fit, and I have so much more energy when I'm eating right, so I'm going to mix it up a bit and find some fun new-to-me ways to be active this year. On the food front -- starting Whole 30 in November, before Thanksgiving was terrible timing, and then I had the norovirus, but that's not going to keep me from trying it again. 

Read a book or two a month. Since I didn't quite accomplish this goal last year I'm stepping up my game this year. I'm already more than halfway through Not That Kind of Girl.

In motherhood. Of course, I have goals for myself as a mother too!
  • Potty training. 
  • Weekly lessons in addition to his time at school (check out my Pinterest board that I'll be adding to as we go). 
  • Spend the afternoon outside -- weather permitting. We're pretty content playing inside, but if the sun is shinning there is no reason we shouldn't be outside enjoying it!
  • Be ready in the morning before O is up.
Less stuff. We have so much stuff. Our cabinets, drawers and shelves are often busting at the seams no matter how much I organize them. I'm going to commit to buying less things and doing away with more. I'll make this a measurable goal by starting a new bag each month of things we can give away.

Photography related goals, like: take more photos that include all three of us (for which I've created the hashtag #sullyfampics15), finally create our wedding album, back up photos each week so I don't ever have to go through losing everything again last I did last year, and create photo albums for each year since we've been married.

My specific goals for the month of January:

-Make clam chowder
-Finish reading Not That Kind of Girl and move on to the next book on my list.
-Find a 10k to run in the Spring.
-Create a plan for some lessons for O in February.
-Make a plan of action for potty training.
-Clean out Keith's closet and give away things he doesn't need anymore. 
-Start collecting photos for our 2010-2011 photo book.

I'm looking froward to sharing these goals, and my progress with them, here with all of you !


Jessica Scott said...

I love new beginnings - and I love that you've set realistic goals! Good luck!

Liliana said...

These are some great goals :) I would definitely like to cook up some new recipes this year, I want to learn to get better in the kitchen or at least more creative with my food.

Laura Keenan said...

Love these goals, similar to some of mine! I'm in a book club, so that definitely helps me keep up with my reading! And Pinterest or Cooking Light Magazine keep me trying new recipes!

Sarah C said...

Love all the goals. Especially the one about getting the three of you in a picture. I need to be better about doing that myself. I am always behind the camera, need to get in front of it sometimes.

Colleen said...

Me too! I'm the one who is really into the camera, my husband not so much, so I'm always the one taking the pictures, so I'm rarely in them -- and I just don't love stopping people to ask them to take a picture -- but I'm just going to get over it!

Colleen said...

I would LOVE to be in a book club! Wine, snacks and girlfriends -- sounds like so much fun :)

Colleen said...

Me too! I end up cooking a lot of the same things each week because they're easy because I know them -- and even when I "branch out" they're not much different either. I'm finally going to make clam chowder (one of our favorites) this weekend!

Colleen said...


Annie {Home of Malones} said...

Love these goals! I can't say I'm envious of you trying to go back and put photo albums together from years pasts!! It's so hard to do but so nice to have!! I try to keep up with them but I always fall behind :(

hello erin said...

i LOVE all these goals! and how do we accumulate so much "stuff"?! thats my biggest goal this year too. to just simply cut back (and throw out). i swear the stuff sneaks up on me! and i bet once you get back into your reading groove you wont want to stop :)

Colleen said...

Hoping I can stay on top of the photo books! I know it's going to be a big project!

Christina said...

Good luck! These are great, realistic goals. I love them, especially your mommy related ones. I hope potty training goes smoothly!

Chelsea Williams said...

Love these goals!!! I love the being outside more...My child loves to be outside..

Colleen said...

Thanks! So does O once he's out there, but sometimes it's hard to tear him away from some of his inside toys to get him out there !

Colleen said...

Thanks! Me too -- he's not super into the idea of stopping what he's doing to use the potty.

Colleen said...

Ugh all. the. stuff. everywhere. I'm hoping to get a little time tomorrow to just throw away some of the dollar spot toys we've accumulated. What are you reading right now? You always have good suggestions!

hello erin said...

i'm reading "big little lies" for book club. and for myself i'm currently engrossed in the teen trilogy book "the immortal descendants" because i love myself a good teen trilogy :) look into "tiny beautiful things" and " we were liars" too!

Jess said...

These are great goals! I just finished a great book called All Joy and No Fun. Its about the history and social effects of parenting. Really interesting.

leah herring said...

Love your goals! Being ready in the morning before the kids wake is my saving grace each day. The days I don't get up before them, I feel like I'm rushing around all day and can never catch up!