Meet the Sullivans: No-Candy Valentine Ideas

January 12, 2015

No-Candy Valentine Ideas

When I think of what valentine's were like when I was a kid I have memories of cards like these ones that came from a cardboard box you bought with your mom at Thirfty. The heart shaped chalky chocolate candy would be taped to the Valentine (with plan old Scotch tape-- no fancy washi tape!) and you'd sign your name-- that was it!

Valentine's have come a long way and have gotten a whole lot more creative and thoughtful. I've been searching around for some cute ideas for O to hand out at school that don't include candy, since I know it's frowned upon! I love all of these no-candy ideas, many of them with their own free printable. I'm using them and a trip to the party store and dollar spot as inspiration for my own creation for the ones O will handout at school.

Bubbles (with free printable)

Playdoh (with free printable)

 Magnifying Glass (with free printable)
Glow Stick (with free printable)

Love Bug  (with free printable)

Racecar (can be downloaded from Etsy)

Which one is YOUR favorite? Do you have any Valentine memories from your childhood? 

I'll be back later this week with my little Valentine's Day canvas art work!


Laura Keenan said...

I loved picking out my cardboard Valentine's and perfectly choosing who would get which one! Tape a sucker to the envelope and they were perfect; I wish it were still so simple! These ideas are so cute too though. I can't wait for liam to start school and get in on all this fun!

Meg O. said...

We did the "will you o-fish-ally be my Valentine?" ones last year with the goldfish and we'll probably do them again this year! Except we used ziploc baggies and stapled the cardstock thingies to the top. Love those ideas!!!

Colleen said...

Love that idea! Fishies are always a huge hit with kids and I like that you can just buy some bulk cartons for a few bucks and be done :)

Colleen said...

Me too! I remember being very particular and reading into what the cards said so I didn't accidentally give someone the wrong message! I'm sure the boys in our classes never cared that much!

Kelly Linn Feller said...

Cute ideas! I love the no candy Valentine's :) Odette is allergic to dairy/gluten/etc. so I'll definitely be the mom that brings these kind of Valentine's.
XO Kelly

Liliana said...

These are such cute ideas! I love the play doh idea! haha so adorable.

Sarah C said...

Love this, totally going to do one of these for my son's preschool class!

Jessica Scott said...

Oh my gosh, thank you for the reminder that I need to start on something fun! I loved seeing all of the Valentine's Cam got last year - he got some bubbles, and they were a huge hit!! (We also gave out bubbles, which was fun!) Thanks for sharing some ideas; I can't wait to see what you put together!

Ashley said...

Such cute ones - love the bubbles!!!!! :)

EHayes said...

love these, great reminder!

speedychick said...

These are super cute! Love them and love the no candy options! My two year old does not need to eat or give away candy (sugar and a two year old, no bueno)!