Meet the Sullivans: Owen at 3!

January 22, 2015

Owen at 3!

Our sweet little boy turned 3 on Sunday, and I thought it would be about time to share a little update on him! My last official update on O was a year ago, so it is definitely time!

SLEEP - He was doing so well before we transitioned him to his toddler bed last week. Before the transition he was taking long naps (2-3 hours) and falling asleep on his own, staying asleep all night and sometimes sleeping until after 7am. Since the transition we've be working on getting him to fall asleep in it on his own without having me stay with him, he's been up once a night, but he's sleeping in later overall. Some of the change can also be blamed on him being sick last week too. More on that toddler bed business next week.

SOCIAL: Incredibly stubborn with mommy and daddy, but gets along well with other kids and is getting better and better at sharing and taking turns. Loves to tagalong with the "big" kids at the park or anywhere we go. Knows all of his friends by name and knows most of their parents names too.

SCHOOL - We've seen some positive changes in him since he started school (twice a week for 2 hours). He is playing and interacting better with other children and uses his words more. He is a little more independent in that he will take off his shoes and jacket when we come inside and put them in the hall closet. He is enjoying singing songs more too, which is great. I love working in his classroom and getting to see him in action with the other children, parents and the teacher. He sits patiently and attentively (most of the time!) during story time. Finally got into the painting and craft tables (at first he only wanted to play with toys and go down the slide) and is getting better at washing his hands on his own.

that concentration!
VERBAL SKILLS - I'm always amazed at how much O can communicate to us. He tells us stories (real and pretend) and speaks in complete sentences, mostly. He has no trouble expressing when he wants something or doesn't like something, and is very good at giving specific details. For example: I buy a variety of organic chocolate milks. I usually pick up one or two at the store or buy a package from Costco. So, when he requests chocolate milk he will tell you the exact one he wants by telling you what color the package is and if there is a cow standing or jumping, etc. It's actually a little ridiculous sometimes. I can't get anything by this child!

SAYS - The "Why?" questions have begun. Usually it's when I'm explaining something to him or he's seeing something for the first time (or just taking note of it). The questioning can go on forever, and sometimes I don't quite know how to explain certain things to him in an age-appropriate way. I can't complain though, because it means he's interested in the world around him. 

Among many things he also often says: 
"Mommy, I'm wondering something about the ____" When he has something on his mind he wants to chat about.

"What's the plan?" When he sees me getting us ready for the day.

"Whoa, that's is awesome." When something surprises him.

After a good hearty laugh "I'm LAUGHING mommy! Hahaha!"

"I love this ____, so so much!" Usually when admiring one of his toys.

Favorite BOOKS - all sorts, but really loving 5-Minute Marvel Stories, How Do Dinosaurs..., The Very Hungry Caterpillar and National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Animals.

Favorite FOODS - Lots! But he really loves cucumbers, popcorn, carrots, green apples, peanut butter, cheddar cheese, cashews and peanuts, salami, bananas, persimmons and anything he can serve himself from the refrigerator or pantry. One of our favorite activities to do together is popping popcorn using the air popper. He loves watching the kernels turn into popcorn and fly out of the machine and into the bowl.

Favorite  things TO DO - play with friends, play toys, watch Wall-E, go to La Petite Playhouse or Curioddessey, hang-out with his cousins. Play Star Wars, catch bugs, pretend to be pirates hiding from an alligator (aka Rocky), being told stories, building homes for his dinosaurs, running and jumping on to the couch, Super Heroes, Wall-e, and cars.

Favorite TOYS -  See below!

v-tech race & learn / transformer hero mashers

So, that's our boy! He's grown so much and I'm often amazed that he was born only 3 years ago. I'm trying to soak him in and remember as much about these days home with him as I can because I know all too soon they'll only be a memory for us. There's nothing we love more than seeing him smile and laugh!


Ashley said...

Happy birthday, Owen!!! He is too precious, love reading about him! :)

Kelly Linn Feller said...

So sweet! Happy Birthday Owen!
XO Kelly

Laureen D said...

What a sweet boy!! These little reviews have got to be so fun to lol back on, even if only done yearly. :) I wish I would've started when our guy was younger and done it consistently, never too late I suppose!!

Seersucker Sass said...

Happy birthday to Owen! Such a cutie!

XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

Laura Keenan said...

He sounds like just the sweetest boy! I'm glad to hear school is going well and having lots of positive impacts on him. We are going to start Liam in twice a week preschool in the fall, and while I think he will love it... I am getting nervous already!

Michelle Zapalski said...

Happy Birthday!

Jennifer Pargeon said...

Happy birthday, Owen! He has the absolute sweetest face!