Meet the Sullivans: Owen's 3rd Birthday Party!

January 20, 2015

Owen's 3rd Birthday Party!

On Sunday our boy turned 3! I'll be sharing a whole three year-old update later this week, but today I just want to recap his Pirate Birthday Party we threw for him at La Petite Playhouse this weekend!

On rainy or way too hot days O loves to play at what he sweetly calls "tab a teet playhouse". The last few times we've visited the play space I couldn't even keep up with him, so he ends up crawling and climbing and sliding through the place all on his own. We knew he would be thrilled to have all his buddies there to play and celebrate his birthday. He talked about it for the entire month leading up to it!

Now, as any mom of a toddler knows, their moods, reactions and such are unpredictable. O had been sick all week prior to his birthday and wasn't feeling too hot on the day of the party. The morning of the big party: tantrums were thrown and he even said he didn't want to go to his own party -- he was not himself. We thought that once we got to the party and he saw all his friends he would cheer up, but he was still pretty withdrawn and just wanted to play with his Transformers and watch. Keith and I were pretty bummed we had hoped he would have a ball and it made us sad to see him not enjoying himself.

We were all thrilled (and the whole party cheered!) when, with 20 minutes of playtime left, he finally let me carry him up the play structure to find his big cousins who were waving at him from the top of the slides. From there he was non-stop and finally having the time of his life like we knew he would!

We kept the details simple by just purchasing everything we needed for the party (balloons, pirate napkins, cupcake picks, centerpieces, etc.) and all the other things were provided by the play place. I did not do any crafting and it was really nice! It was also really nice not having to do any set up, serving or clean up for the party. The people at La Petite Playhouse had everything under control and it all rolled smoothly.

I had his cute pirate shirt made by Simple Made with Love.

Doesn't he look happy blowing out his  "3" candle? He loved having everyone sing to him on his birthday. It reminded me of his first birthday when he kept clapping after he was sung to to get himself another round of applause. That part of him is a quality he definitely got from my dad!

When the party was over and everyone had gobbled up their cupcakes O got to lead the line of his friends back out to the front of the building to hand out the favors. He was really really happy to be the leader of the line and kept looking behind him to see all the kids following him out.

As favors all the kids got bags of pirate's gold that I bought from Oriental Trading Co.

I made the tags myself using some digital papers I bought on Etsy and Acorn. I posted a picture on Instagram over the weekend and someone mentioned that they would be cute as a Valentine, so I've included the link to the file below. I've removed O's name from the tags and made one for boys and one for girls.

Girl's Valentine's Day Pirate Favor Tags
Boy's Valentine's Day Pirate Favor Tags

All in all it turned out to be a great celebration! We had friends and some family there and despite that first half hour O still had a really fun time!


Julie said...

Such a fun party! So glad that Owen finally warmed up to his party. Toddlers are so unpredictable!

Laura Keenan said...

Happy Birthday O! At least he cheered up at the end! I'm are you were more upset about it all then him. I am easily let down by things even when Liam could care less!

EHayes said...

So cute, I think we are going to outsource our party this year too. So much more fun to have it at a place where the kids can play!

leah herring said...

Yay! I'm so glad the shirt worked out and that he had a blast at the end. Happy Birthday Owen!