Meet the Sullivans: Scenes from the Weekend

January 26, 2015

Scenes from the Weekend

We had a great weekend, and of course it went by too quickly for us all -- good thing we still have today to get more of our errands and to-do's done!

Friday night we met friends out for pizza night! These kids are too cute together and O finally took to entertaining L a bit. He's been pretty anti-baby for a while and I think he finally realized that L is now a big boy like him.

Saturday O and I attended our friend A's 3rd birthday party! There were lots of friends, cake and a jump house, so it was lots of fun!

Anyone watching Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce on Bravo? I watched a few episodes over the weekend during nap time and I just love the show. Keith was wondering what kind of junk I was watching when he saw it on the dvr, but I really like it! Anyone else watching?

Saturday afternoon Keith came home from working in the hospital and he just felt really tired. He hung out with O while I did some grocery shopping and then we sent him up to bed early because he was beat. I'm glad he's in outpatient 90% of the time now, because inpatient therapy seems to drain him. O and I ate a "picnic" dinner in the living room while playing toys. 

This also, of course, ended up being the night that O refused to go to sleep until 11pm. He wasn't upset, just chatty and full of thoughts.
Sunday morning we got ourselves out of the house before 8:30am to catch the 8:55am train up to The City. This was O's first train ride and he really enjoyed looking out the window and seeing all the "sights" (really just backyards).
Once we got up to San Francisco we went to AT&T park to play in the Kid Zone for a bit. They open it up on the weekends from September-May (and everyday for the rest of the year) on non-game days for kids to play. O's favorite spot was the mini-baseball field where he practiced his batting and base running skills. He also had some fun going down the slides, but it was pretty cold out there so we ended our playtime after the slides. 

After playing we stopped in the Giants Dugout to do a little browsing and O got a new baseball and a foam finger, which he of course began calling a "blaster". We had lunch at the Pub House at the stadium and then took the train home.

We all ended up taking naps when we came home, and then I made carne asada lettuce wrap tacos for dinner -- my new favorite! It was a lovely weekend!

I finished reading Lena Dunham's Not That Kind of Girl Saturday night while I waited for O to fall asleep. I liked to download some samples on my Kindle before I commit to a book, so I read the samples for What Alice Forgot and Wild, and ended up going with the later -- it is really great so far!

Today we're off to the gym and then I have a much needed hair appointment! Happy Monday!


Laura Keenan said...

We love taking train rides just for fun! Glad O enjoyed it so much! I've also read both What Alice Forgot & Wild for my book club. Both were good, but I definitely preferred Wild!

Sarah C said...

Yay for train rides, love the carpet picnic :) Good weekend! The Kid Zone thing, so fun! Will have to do that if we ever make it up there with the kids.

Jen@jpabstfitness said...

I started watching Girlfriend's Guide one night when I was up with the baby and now I'm totally hooked.

Samma_Faye said...

Y'all always have the best weekends! I love having picnic dinners like that.

Whitney Smith said...

Love Owen's face at the train!! :) And just for in the future...What Alice Forgot is really, really good! Let us know about Wild!!

Christina said...

Oh man, an 11:00 bed time! That is rough. Looks like a good weekend though. I'll be adding Wild to my to-read list..and What Alice Forgot is a great book, you'd like it!