Meet the Sullivans: The Perfect Pretty Picture

January 21, 2015

The Perfect Pretty Picture

Camera phones have come a long way since the days when I first had one. I think it was probably within the last ten years, but honestly, the quality of those photos didn't truly matter until Instagram came along about six years later.

My first Instgram photo was full of filters -- that was part of the fun originally -- and left a whole lot to be desired, at least from my perspective these days. I've become a bit of a photo snob -- that's not to say my pictures are always perfectly focused or have the best lighting (sometimes it's more important to capture that moment or that sweet smile), but I do try my best to make them as clear and light and comparable to the pictures I would be taking with my dSLR.

Believe me when I say I wish I could tote my dSLR around everywhere with me, but often times I find myself juggling between taking my pictures with my phone, which allows me to share instantly with Keith, family, friends or on social media -- but I've always wished I could have the same high quality photos on there too. I can't juggle both regularly because that leaves zero time to actually be IN the precious moments I want to capture so badly.

I was SO excited to hear about the Eyefi Mobi memory card because it lets you do both! With a simple little Eyefi Mobi memory card inserted into my camera I can instantly upload the beautiful high-quality, bright, clear photos complete with depth of field to my phone and then send them every which way! No more waiting to get home -- which I never do... takes too much time.

The Eyefi Mobi comes with easy to follow directions for set up, and directions to help you get started. You pretty much just put the memory card in your camera, download the app and start playing! Eyefi Mobi sends pictures from your DSLR or point and shoot camera to your phone, tablet or desktop as soon as you take them so you can kiss the cords goodbye!

Eyefi Mobi works with Eyefi Cloud to sync every picture you take to every device you own. Reminisce about your holiday on your smart TV or critique your last photo shoot on your desktop display. 

I keep the Eye-Fi app right there in the same folder as Instagram app. Like my cracked screen? Luckily it still works like this. Ha!

Once you open the app it will run you through some directions on how to use it.

It loads the photos right from your camera to your phone in minutes with its own Eyefi Cloud -- I was able to take photos in Disneyland and then load them and post them while we were in line for rides. It was amazing!

You can see such a difference between the photos uploaded from my dSLR using the Eyefi Mobi and the ones taken right from my iPhone! If you want to see some examples for yourself check out this, this and this!

Honestly, the only downside I've found is that as it loads the photos to your phone from your camera you have to wait for it to load alllll of them. I usually take quite a few takes of each shot I try to get, so it can take a while for the camera to transfer them all wirelessly and for me to get the one I want. I've found the best thing is to extend the "awake" time on your camera while loading the pictures, which will help them load even faster and then once it's done switch it back because it will drain your battery.

What apps or tricks do you use to get the perfect pretty picture?

All opinion expressed here are my own, as is my love of the pretty pictures the Eyefi Mobi helps me share! I was given the Eyefi Mobi to try, review and share with you here. Affiliate links were used in this post. 


Laura Keenan said...

I have an older version of the Eye-Fi card, and I absolutely hate that have you have to upload all photos to your phone. I don't have the time or storage space for that! I'm hoping eventually you'll be able to just choose one or two photos. So I don't really use mine. :'( But maybe all your fancy IG photos will inspire me!

hello erin said...

amazing right? i dont have one for my big camera yet- but my little camera uploads to my phone and i swear its the BEST THING EVER. i love technology. . . like a lot.

Liliana said...

This is awesome I always wondered how they got their photos from their dslr to their instagram. I use to wonder "do they literally sit there and transfer photos, then upload to instagram, what a time hog!" Now I want to pick up one of these!

EHayes said...

Ugh, I've had this on my amazon wishlist for a while! Maybe mother's day?? Glad you love it and that it's easy to use!

Sarita G said...

what an awesome idea! I need it ASAP

Sara Elizabeth Urquidez said...

I can't even fathom this, but it's pretty genius. I also have a camera that uploads to my phone... and it makes my day. When I remember to use it.

Annie {Home of Malones} said...

ahh I'm in need of updating my eye-fi card anyway!! I'm so happy to hear that this eyefi mobi exists!!! so convenient!

Elizabeth said...

This is AMAZING! Honestly the sharing part was part of the reason why I haven't gotten a new camera, because I like to share instantly and I can only do so through my phone. This is perfect! Looks like I'm adding this and a new camera to my birthday wish list. Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer Pargeon said...

This is amazing! I had no idea this existed, and I can't wait to get my hands on one. So much easier than waiting and loading everything to Dropbox when I get home. Thanks for sharing!

Jenny said...

What a great way to do that! The camera I got (Sony nex-6 ) has wifi built in. If it didn't I don't think i'd use it anywhere as much. It makes sharing and uploading photos so much easier! That card looks like a great way to do the same thing for cameras that don't have wifi.