Meet the Sullivans: FIVE on FRIDAY

February 5, 2015


Hey there! Happy Friday! Here's my five...

 one / two / three
/one/ We're going to O's school's Auction fundraiser Saturday night. It was a last minute decision, so I'm a bit crunched on time to decide what to wear. I have a dress I'm considering, but I'm hoping to make it to the mall tonight to see if any of these beauties would work. 

/two/ Yesterday I reached 10,000 steps on my FitBit before 1pm! Do you have a FitBit? Let's be friends! You can find me here!

/three/ I'm considering going back to work for the 2016-17 school year. It's still far away and right ow it is just a thought I've been playing with. I love being home with Owen so very much, but I wonder if I might serve my family better by having an income, and I love teaching and miss having a career. By then O will be 4 1/2 and may enjoy getting to be at school for the day. Right now it's just a thought though.

/four/ I'm in love with my new grocery shopping notepad. Yes, in love with paper -- that's me. Really though, it is quite cute, has nicely separated categories and a full magnetic backing, so it doesn't fall of the fridge.

/five/ I'm looking for my next book, for after I finish Wild. The Girl on the Train caught my eye yesterday at Costco and after reading the premise I'm almost positive I'll like it. The reviews on Amazon are great, and I heard it is being called the next Gone Girl. Have you read it?

I hope you all have a great weekend! 

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Courtney Spena said...

I haven't heard of that book yet, but if you read it and love it be sure to let me know! I'm always up for a good new read. Happy Friday, Colleen!

Christina said...

As much as I like staying home, I do look forward to going back to work one day too. I miss teaching and having a classroom. I hope this works out for you. Love that notepad, seems like a good way to be organized!

Colleen said...

I will! My SIL just started it after recommendations from her co-workers (librarians), so I'm really looking forward to reading it.

EHayes said...

I heard about that book a few times recently, can't remember which blogger or if was The Skimm, but definitely is on my radar and wishlist. Have fun tonight!

Chrissy said...

Love that navy dress in the middle. But, they are all beautiful. That notepad is awesome! It would defientlly keep me more organized!

Laura Keenan said...

I thought that book looked good too! I just finished Yellow Crocus (for my book club) and absolutely loved it!

Paige @ Reasons to Come Home said...

Love the middle dress and your grocery notepad! So cute!