Meet the Sullivans: Five on Friday

February 13, 2015

Five on Friday

Hooray it's Friday! Let's get down to my five...

/ one / We went to O's school auction last Saturday night. We knew almost no one, since most of our class didn't attend, but we did have a great time! We spent most of the night getting to know another couple from our class. We bid on a few things, and got out bid, but we did buy tickets to Fiesta Night in May, which we're looking forward to!

/ two / What are you plans for valentine's day this year? With it being on Saturday I think it puts a lot of pressure on people to make it something special. We're excited for our plan to have a date night of Mexican food and a movie! 

/ three / In case you missed it yesterday, I shared O's little valentines for his class friends yesterday! I had a hard time deciding what puny thing I could say about bubbles that didn't sound inappropriate, but they turned out cute!

/ four / Do you do this? I always do. I want to say it helps me think of what I need to get done next / add to my list, but really I think I just like the feeling of crossing tasks off my list!

/ five / I made a batch of heart shaped sugar cookies yesterday (I cookie partied) and my nap time activity today will be to frost and decorate them. I think I will be going with a simple conversation heart look.

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Jessica Scott said...

If I do something that's not on my list, I always add it so I can cross it off!! Haha!! I'm glad I'm not the only one!

Donna said...

Visiting from Oh, Hey Friday! I do the same thing with to do lists, sometimes I just need a little encouragement to see that I have accomplished something even if it wasn't on my list. The bubble valentines are so cute and those cookies look delicious!

Christina said...

That is one cool site- the one you linked for the cookies. How fun!

Sara McCarty said...

I am completely guilty of writing tasks down just to cross them off. And I love the Valentine's you guys did. I'm now really curious to hear some of the inappropriate ones! My dirty mind is reeling!

Kristy said...

That ball looked so much fun. :) Good for you to go when you didn't know many people.
You made me laugh about the Valentine's Day card. Haha. Too puny.
Oh my goodness, I totally do #4! I always fill out my planner the week after, so I can look back and make myself feel like I really got things done. Lol.
Have a fun Valentine's Day!

rachel said...

Mexican and movie sounds like the perfect date! And cannot wait to see how the cookies turn out. Post pics!

Sara Elizabeth Urquidez said...

I definitely LOLed at the bubble pun situation. Yes on the to-do. EVERY DAY!!!!

Ileana said...

Too funny with the bubbles. Did you buy the cookie party class? If so, do you think it was worth it?

Colleen said...

I bought the class in December when it was on sale (I think I paid around $25 compared to the reg $30) and it has been totally worth it for me. I've always wanted to be able to make cookies that look like something I'd want to give to people and not like a craft a kid made, you know? My cookies are not perfect, but I've been having fun trying to perfect them and find my style. The class walks you through everything you need to know and all the steps, tips, secrets and tricks to making your icing and dough work. I know $30 seems expensive for an online class about cookies, but you'll be able to make something specially homemade and customizable to bring to parties and for special occassions, which to me is priceless.