Meet the Sullivans: Valentine's Books for Toddlers

February 2, 2015

Valentine's Books for Toddlers

My go-to item for gift giving is always books! I love giving friends and family a personal favorite I know they'll love or a cook book to a fellow recipe lover, and I don't think a child can ever have enough good stories to enjoy! We buy O a new book for almost every (and any) holiday, as well as a few in between.

Lots of Valentine books are geared toward girls, so I've been on searching for ones that would appeal to a boy or a girl -- and while we don't place gender expectations on O, he decides them on his own most often, so I pay special attention to make sure he won't turn something away just because he thinks it is not meant for him.

clockwise from top left:



We bought him Snuggle Puppy last year, and A Kiss for You the year before. This year I bought him Happy Valentine's Day Curious George as a way to help introduce the holiday to him since this will be the first year he'll be exchanging Valentine's with friends.

What are your child's favorite Valentine's Day books?


Kelly Linn Feller said...

Cute picks! We don't really have any Valentine's books so I need to add a few of these to our collection :)
XO Kelly

EHayes said...

Love is You and Me is always my pick when there are library requests at baby showers. I received it in a book exchange and I love it. Really a sweet sweet book. And the girls love snuggle puppy. Totally with you on the holiday book collections ;)

Samma_Faye said...

We love Snuggle Puppy!

Jessica Scott said...

What a great list!! Llama books are always a hit, and Cam loves dinosaurs, so I may have to add I Love You, Snugglesaurus to his collection!!

Laura Keenan said...

We are huge book fans too! Liam loves the "If you give a..." series, so I may get It's Valentine's Day Mouse! Too many fun choices!