Meet the Sullivans: 50 Non-Candy Easter Basket Fillers

March 16, 2015

50 Non-Candy Easter Basket Fillers

Saint Patrick's Day is tomorrow, which means it's time to start getting serious about those Easter Baskets! I don't usually have much trouble filling O's basket each year, but sometimes it can be hard to reign it in on things to fill it with that don't involve sugar. Here's a list of some great non-candy ideas for filling your little one's Easter basket!

  1. a cross for their room
  2. books
  3. bouncy ball
  4. bath crayons
  5. bubbles
  6. bath frizz
  7. butterfly net
  8. bubble bath
  9. coloring books
  10. coupons for a special outing
  11. cookie cutters
  12. cheddar bunnies
  13. crayons
  14. frisbee
  15. goggles
  16. glow sticks
  17. jump rope
  18. key chains
  19. lawn sprinkler
  20. lip gloss or lip balm
  21. legos 
  22. magnifying glass 
  23. miniature etch-a-sketch
  24. music album (we love Andy Z and Raffi!)
  25. matchbox cars
  26. movie tickets
  27. magnets
  28. nail polish
  29. pool towel
  30. play dough
  31. puzzles
  32. pad of paper
  33. personalized water bottle
  34. sand toys
  35. sidewalk chalk
  36. seeds to grow
  37. small figurines
  38. sun or baseball hat
  39. small stuffed animal
  40. sunglasses
  41. swim trunks
  42. stamps
  43. sticker book
  44. tickets to the zoo
  45. toothbrush
  46. watch
  47. water balloons
  48. watering can
  49. washable markers
  50. water toys 
Are your baskets ready to go for Easter? Don't worry, mine aren't either! If you'd like to see them, here are Owen's past Easter baskets 2014, 2013, 2012.


Kristy said...

Great ideas! :) I know Charlotte loves chocolate, but I need other things to fill her basket besides sugar. Thanks for the suggestions, Colleen!

Sarah C said...

Thanks, I was just thinking this weekend, what am I going to put in their Easter baskets this year...

Tawnya Faust said...

GREAT suggestions! I plan on getting Scarlett one chocolate bunny or kinder eggs but then the rest I want to be non-candy items. I'm definitely pinning this one! :)

EHayes said...

great list! I'm doing a small chocolate bunny, but the rest are usually coloring books, crayons/chalk, bubbles, and some other $1 items. I got a jump rope and play pearl bracelet, might try to find a cute little stuffed animal for each girl too.