Meet the Sullivans: And then there was Tuesday

March 31, 2015

And then there was Tuesday

The weekend. Lets see, where to start...

Friday afternoon we had a nice play date with our neighbor who has a boy right around O's age. There is something really wonderful about not having to get in the car and drive somewhere to play with other kids. And it is so nice to get to know our neighbors better. Good ones are such a blessing. And it is also a blessing to have something to occupy us in the final hours before Keith comes home, especially since O is no longer napping. Days and afternoons are long when there is no nap.

Saturday morning we were rushing around to ready ourseleves for a birthday party and I had my phone in the back pocket of my pants. You know this is going somewhere bad, right? Well my phone fell out and landed right in the toilet. I tried the rice thing, but it was a goner. Later in the day Keith and I had a little impromptu date night to get a replacement and have dinner, so really it didn't end too bad at all.

On Sunday we went to the San Mateo Mothers Club Spring Fling at a park. The kids all played, there was face painting, an egg hunt, crafts and The Easter Bunny!

So many kids! O only ended up with one egg, but the moms are brilliant because they have all the children turn their eggs in to get a prize. This way the kids all feel good about how many or how few they got, no one had to fill all the eggs and the club doesn't have to buy new eggs each year. Brilliant! 

Oh and did I mention Keith was the Easter Bunny? I volunteered him Friday morning after hearing we didn't have a bunny for the event. I'm lucky to have a husband who is so willing to help out! It was pretty warm in the suit, but Keith was a great sport! Owen is still none the wiser!

And how cute is this centerpiece?

Sunday evening we barbequed chicken kabobs and I made some margaritas. O requested we eat outside, so we did and it was lovely! I'll share that margarita recipe this week!

With O not napping anymore we've been able to get him to sleep pretty early, which worked out great on Sunday because it was the season finale of The Walking Dead! Anyone else watching? Kristy and I were talking all week about how worried we were about possibly losing some of our favorites, but luckily none of the main characters were killed off!

Monday was a regular day with our usual routine of the gym, grocery store and playing at home together.

This is our spring break week, and my mom's too, so the three of us are off to have some fun together today! 

How was your weekend?


Courtney Spena said...

Your husband in the bunny costume reminds me of steel magnolias lol! Mmmm margaritas....come on June! They're my fave. And yes, twd! In the words of Jim when it ended "oh that was so freaking good!"

hello erin said...

that egg trick is genius!! i love how everyone totally wins. and poor keith (i'm secretly hoping he got peed on). phones in the toilet are zero fun. BUT at least you didnt then flush the toilet (like my sister may or may not have done once. . . ).

Jessi Otey said...

He has to be the cutest little guy ever (and those centerpieces are so perfect!)

Courtney Sweet said...

oh that is a clever egg hunt!!! Love that you volunteered Keith haha.

Ashley T said...

Those centerpieces are so cute and O is adorable!

Jen@jpabstfitness said...

That centerpiece is adorable!!!
It's a sad, sad day when naps no longer exist.