Meet the Sullivans: March Goals

March 4, 2015

March Goals

It's March 4th, so it's time to set some new goals, but first let's review February!

In February we... tried a new play place called Rockin' Jump, went on a picnic with family, attended O's school's auction fundraiser, went to friends birthday parties, watched the cherry blossoms bloom, went to the dentist (no cavities!), celebrated Valentine's Day together, and took lots of steps!

 February Goals
  • Find my next book after Wild. I finished Wild earlier in the month and started and completed The Girl on the Train. I'm averaging about 1 1/2 books a month right now!
  • Create and order 2010-2011 photo album and start on 2011-2012 album. Putting the finishing touches on my 2010-11 album. This has got to be the most time consuming goal on my list!
  • Clean out and giveaway Winter clothes I didn't wear this year and Spring / Summer clothes I didn't wear last season. Check! Now I'm just waiting until after Lent to buy a few new pieces.
  • Create and implement a running plan. Because of my knees I'm taking this slower than I had hoped. I'm running one or two times a week right now.
  • Try a new healthy dinner recipe. We had these Greek Turkey Burgers last week and we're making them again this week because we liked them so much! Omitting the feta and using whole wheat bread crumbs helps make them extra healthy!
 Goals for March
  • Take over 350,000 steps! In February I took 293,132 steps, and March is longer, so and additional 60,000 or so should be no problem!
  • Take more in action photos of O using my dSLR.
  • Read another 1-2 books. Only problem is I'll have to borrow or read books I already own since I'm not buying things for myself during Lent.
  • Get rid of more toys. We have so so many, and my plan is pack away and give away even more. 
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Laura Keenan said...

Making yearly photo albums is on my list too! However, I never have time to work on it. If I have free time in the evenings I'm usually blogging... So perhaps my blog will go on hiatus for a week while I try to bust out an album!

Jenny said...

I kinda love that your step goal is on the total for the month not daily. I've never seen that before and I think it's great. That way if you have an off day you can still meet you goal by making it up. Sorry to hear your knee is bugging you. I'm getting back into running after an injury in October and it was so hard to not run. Hope your knees get better fast!

Stefanie said...

It looks like you had a good February! Good luck with your goals this month. I need to join you in getting rid of more toys!

Ileana said...

Nice job on your goals last month!! My goal was to make goals in the beginning on the month, FAIL which reminds me to make some for this month! I need to make our family photo albums, I keep seeing Shutterfly phonebook deals and miss them. If you have an iPad or e-reader you can rent e-books from the library, it's so convenient!!

natasha said...

you're making me want to re-evaluate my monthly goals!!! good job with february mama!!!!

Chelsea Williams said...

Love these goals!! Trying a healthy dinner is a good idea!! I want to work on taking more action shots on my DRS.. Happy Wednesday

Jessica @ The Newly said...

Great job with the February goals, sweet girl! I'd also like to make it a goal to take more photos of my sweet boy with my DSLR. I mean, that's what we have them for right? The cell phone photos are better than nothing, but will never be as good of quality as the real camera photos are...And I want to make sure that I have some really good photos. After all, our kids are growing up so fast. Every day is a missed opportunity to capture them a little bit bigger than they were before!

Tawnya Faust said...

All great goals! Do you have a 50mm lens for you DSLR? I find that to be the best and easiest one to carry around all the time to get more of those in action shots :) Good luck with your goals!! xo

Laureen D said...

Great goals!! One of mine for the year is to do something with our photos.. It's so overwhelming, I should've started a few years ago. :) Who are you making your albums through? Any tips (as I'm sure you too have hundreds/thousands of pics to go through..?

Sara McCarty said...

Look at you, with goals and everything! I'm always so impressed by your motivation and follow-through. I feel like I'm still in survival mode right now and can barely make it through the week getting everyone fed, bathed and taken care of. Someday I hope to have goals again! You know, before the kids go to college...