Meet the Sullivans: Menu & Motivational Monday

March 9, 2015

Menu & Motivational Monday

How are you all adjusting to the time change? Bed time was a struggle for us -- isn't it always though? But at least we got to sleep in until 7am this morning. We've got all our errands to do today, including the gym!

Goal: Make healthy choices for me and my family, including making healthy food choices and staying active.

Progress to date: A few pounds? I guess I should go back and total it up. I'm not feeling as fit after the last couple weeks of skipped workouts.

Highlight of last week: The sunshine! We've been having great weather, which means O and I spend the afternoon after nap time at the park playing.

Challenge of last week: Shopping at Target last week and wanting to buy all the Easter candy. I just skipped it though, because I know if I buy some I'll want to put it out and we'll all be eating extra sugar all week. 

Workouts: Only 2. Some weeks are just too busy and with appointments and play dates I wasn't able to fit anything else in.

Maybe this could be something extra motivating? Tip yourself a $1 each time you workout and after 100 workouts you can reward yourself with something, like a massage or new running shoes. I like the idea, but Keith does not. He thinks you should lose $1 for every missed workout -- but that doesn't sound nearly as motivatin!

Lessons I learned this week: There will be some weeks when I can't fit in all the workouts I want to and that's okay, because there's always the next week.

Here's what's on our dinner menu this week: 

Monday - Grilled Ginger-Sesame Chicken Salad
Tuesday - Take out for Keith and O while I'm out!
Wednesday - Munchery Meal
Thursday - Kung Pao Chicken
Friday - Crispy Fish with Lemon Dill Sauce 

I'll be sure to share any of the recipes that we like! Like this Southwestern Chicken Salad we had two time last week! The first time we had it for dinner with chicken, and then the next time we brought it to a friend's house a side dish. 

Have a great week!


gillian claire said...

I love the workout tip jar idea. I think it sounds like a great motivator! :)

Liliana @ said...

I think the tip jar is super motivating, I'm going to try this out too since I'm trying to drop weight. It's great to reward yourself right after, then you have money to buy yourself something nice afterward.

Laura Keenan said...

Fitting in workouts is tough! Especially when there are playdates to be had. I would much rather be doing some with & for Liam, instead of hitting the gym. Sometimes I have to take the "me" time though. You seem to have the perfect balance of both!

Sarah C said...

Working out is tough! I try to get in at least 2 hard workouts and then try to get two more lighter ones in...the workout tip jar, that sounds like a good idea! It would definitely motivate me to work out more...maybe...although if there was a consequence, like taking a $1 out for every workout I missed that week...that would take it up a notch...haha.

Tiffany said...

Fitting in workouts can be so hard! This is why is am so e cited about the 21 day fix that I am starting right after our move next week. I am actually about to become a coach. :-)

HauteMommy said...

I just bought the 21 Day Fix DVDs. It's probably going to take me about 50 days to finish the program...the $100 jar is a nice idea!