Meet the Sullivans: Oh Hey Friday!

March 27, 2015

Oh Hey Friday!

Hey there! It's Friday, and Owen has we've got a full weekend of playdates, a birthday party and egg hunts ahead of us!

/ one / I attended two workshops this week about parenting. The first one was called Mothers of Boys Growing Boys into Men given by Rachel Sklar, MSW, and the second was called Food for Thought presented by Kandice Stellmon, NC. Both were so interesting and thought provoking and I'm hoping to pull my thoughts and notes together over the weekend to share with you next week.

/ two / I've finally decided to just give up on making Owen nap. I've always said I would hold onto his nap for as long as I could, but lately it's been a struggle and was affecting bedtime in a serious way. I'm still insisting he has a "rest" in his room for an hour each afternoon, but he doesn't have to sleep. So far, it has been a good transition for all of us because we're all getting more sleep at night, and I'm spending far less time trying to get him to fall asleep. More on that soon.

/ three / I took Owen to see the Easter Bunny on Wednesday morning! He was so excited to see him and sat happily through the little photo session. I get a little sad looking at how big he looks sitting there because it makes me wonder when he'll stop wanting to go, not because he's scared or anything, but because he just won't be interested anymore.

/ four / Owen and I made chocolate dipped pretzels this week and I have got to get them out of our house because I cannot stop wanting to eat them! Our friend Lisa dropped off a bunch she had made a few weeks ago and I've been wanting more ever since. I love that they're so easy to make and can be customized to fit any color or holiday you want!

/ five / Did you read the article from Jen Hatmaker What Would My Mom Do? (Drink Tab and Lock Us Outside)? In it Jen writes about how differently her parents raised her compared to the norm of Pinterest parenting these days. Don't get me wrong, I love making things "magical" for Owen, but I don't think he needs it 24/7 to have a happy childhood. What are you thoughts?

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Tawnya Faust said...

Those pretzels look so yummy and I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the workshops you attended! I agree about the magical childhood debate, although I LOVE doing things to make Scarlett's childhood magical I don't beat myself up if I get busy or lack creativity... she's happy and will probably remember the little things (like baking cookies with me) and not the magical moments like twinkle light tent parties. I feel like it's more for us than it is for them :) XO

Brittany Marchese said...

I would love to hear all about the Mothers of Boys Growing Boys into Men workshop. Do you know if this is something that will be going to different states or is this just for your area? :)

Courtney Spena said...

Loved the Jen hatmaker post. I agree with(almost) everything she has to say :p

Chocolate dipped pretzels are unreal good. Like it doesn't make sense how delicious they are.

Jessica Scott said...

I can't wait to read about your workshops! I think you could teach us all a thing or two! Those pretzels...I wouldn't have any left! Salty and sweet combined are my favorite! I hope you have a great weekend - it sounds so fun!

Courtney Sweet said...

Exactly why I went with the no nap thing with Aria. Her sleeping was and had been awful for months. She boycotted naps on occasion and it did amazing things for her sleep. So I no longer push it. She hasn't napped all month.

Jennifer Pargeon said...

I know our nap days are numbered. It kepps getting harder and harder to get Harrison to nap. I can wait to read what you have to say about dropping naps and rest time.

Our Little Miracles

Jessica @ The Newly said...

Loving the Jen Hatmaker article - thanks for sharing, Colleen! I like what she said about her parents "majoring on the majors and minoring on the minors." I like that approach. I am definitely all for making magical moments in my children's childhoods. But I also want them to know that life is not all magical moments all the time - they need to be prepared to face challenges and adversity, and to do it on their own. So, I will not be stressing about making every moment Pinterest worthy or perfect. The imperfect ones tend to be the most memorable anyways!:)

EHayes said...

We don't nap anymore either. Once in awhile she'll take one, but usually she doesn't. And yes, it makes going to bed so much easier. And I agree about the overboard parenting. I don't feel cheated because I didn't get animal shaped pancakes, you know. When I feeling like doing something cute, I do, but most of the time I'm just trying to stay sane and keep everyone from crying. Ha.

Laureen D said...

Sound like interesting workshops!! Do share. :) Those pretzels look so pretty and delicious, I"ll have to remember those for an easy addition to a get-together. I've seen a few links to that article, going to check it out. Have a great weekend!!

Marissa said...

Great food! I love food ;)

Meg O. said...

Can you come pack MY lunches? Dang, that looks awesome! And OMG I love the Easter bunny pic!!! Naps have been so infrequent around these parts, too. For both girls! What the heck! What's in the water? Kennedy is, however, over 3 years old so I'm assuming naps will dwindle soon. But seriously, why don't these kids realize how awesome naps are? A determined time to rest though is always a great idea.

tabithablue said...

OHHHHH I want those pretzels!! Can you just send them to my house??!! Haha, I need to make some. And oh that lunch! I did the same thing when naps weren't working so well and went to the "rest" time… so good for everyones sanity!!! :)

Jessica said...

I love seeing shots of other toddler's meals! And that one looks so yummy, my boys would eat it up! I did read that article and thought it was amazing. It was like YES, thank you...sometimes I just feel like all of the pressures in motherhood now are insane. I've already given up but I still have the guilt because I'm comparing myself to that standard!