Meet the Sullivans: Owen Says

March 11, 2015

Owen Says

Our little boy is so full of thoughts, feelings, ideas and imagination these days, and I rarely tire of hearing all about it.

O never thinks twice about telling me his thoughts and I'm so thankful for this time, because I know that someday, as a teenager, he'll hold them back from me. I'm not looking forward to those days, and pray all the time that they never come! So, right now we're cherishing the sweet and genuine observations he shares with us, and today I'd like to share some of them with you!

"So, what's the idea?"
When he's wondering what our plan is for the day, or our next activity. 

"Banna" is banana, pronounced like the actor Eric Banna.

Thank you is "Fank you!"

"Daddy, Strangers are people we don't know who drive in cars."
Told to Keith the day after a brief conversation with me about why the people driving by our house are strangers to us.

After paying for parking at school I had two quarters left and as I was putting them in my wallet. O asked if he could have them. I told him he couldn't, because I would need them to pay for parking the next day, to which he responded "Mommy, why aren't you sharing? Sharing is nice!"

"Space meteors knocked the dinosaurs off the Earth. Why'd it do that? That's sad!"

"Are we there yet.... (and then we pull into our neighborhood and onto our street)... we're in our NEIGHBORHOOD! I love our neighborhood!"

"Doils" are girls, and rhyme with "foil".

"Let me liiiiiiive!!" or "Let me plaaaaaay!!" When I'm trying to get him to move on from a task so we can go home / to school / anywhere.

"This car / storm trooper / train is so old school, mommy. It has lots of old school in it."
After hearing Keith call his Star Wars figures from his childhood "old school" once. Now lot's of O's toys are old school. 

"Big boys like to ______." Fill in the blank for whatever he is currently doing, i.e. play dump trucks in their backyards,  eat popsicles on the grass, color with blue crayons, etc.

"Two minutes, mommy?" The amount of time he requests to extend his amount of play time. It's always just two minutes, rarely more or less.

"Good job, mommy / daddy!" I think he says this because we're always saying it to him!

On President's Day: "What's today, mommy?" I told him it was Monday, and that it was President's Day, to which he responded enthusiastically "It's PRESENTS Day! Yay!!!"

Overheard in school. O's classmate says, "Crocodiles eat frogs." More chatter from the class ensues, and then I hear O say "No, crocodiles eat pirates!" Can you tell we've read Peter Pan a million times since we went to Disneyland in December?

And the one I will never ever tire of hearing... "Mommmy, I love you so MUCH!"

I think I could add to this list forever, because he always says the funniest things!
Come back tomorrow for a recap of the Stitch Fix and Club Mom Me event I attended last night!


Meg O. said...

Space meteors knocked the dinosaurs off the earth. OMG. Too precious!! I love the things kids say. It's the best thing ever.

Jcosey said...

I love this post!

Sara Elizabeth Urquidez said...

LOLOLOL - "crocodiles eat pirates" LOVE LOVE LOVE (The crocodile is kind of my thing right now.)

Sarah C said...

haha, crocodiles eat pirates! So funny/endearing/cute. I love what kids says, someone else did a post about this today and I can't get enough of them. Someone needs to do a link up!

Whitney Smith said...

Love these! Isn't it funny how having a little copy cat around makes you SO much more aware of the things you say a lot?! And Presents Day sounds lots more fun than President's Day! :)